I’m not an immense fan of the Resident Evil franchise, and I don’t think I’ll ever be. The constant reuse of concepts based on zombies and viruses have always been stale and uninteresting in terms of story, to me at least. And yet, to Sal, it’s his whole world and his love for the franchise is very obvious based on his knowledge of the lore and mastery of the games.

So imagine how annoyed he got when those amazing Capcom games, filled with so much excellent source materials, got adapted into not one but seven crappy movies! As a gamer, even I felt offended, and I didn’t even enjoy the franchise.

Thankfully, things started to look up for Resident Evil as a show, when we received Resident Evil: DegenerationResident Evil: Damnation, and Resident Evil: Vendetta as animated films based on the actual characters from the games.

Now Capcom is expanding its reach with another animated movie through Netflix.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness looks interesting.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is Capcom’s newest animated series, that will be premiering on Netflix next year, 2021. The series is going to be produced and supervised by Capcom’s producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who was also the producer for the other three animated films; thus, we can rest assured that the series is in good hands.

The teaser trailer does not reveal much about the plot nor more about the antagonist of the upcoming series. However, we do get glimpses of test tubes and zombies, so I’m guessing it’s going to focus on a new strain of the virus?

The series will have an original story and will also be revolving on two well-known characters from the Resident Evil franchise, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, which is a smart way to draw in fans to watch it.

With Capcom’s next-gen game, Resident Evil Village, set for next years’ release along with its new Netflix shows as well, it’s going to be a magnificent year for zombie enthusiasts.

Ibrahim's a hardcore gamer and Star Wars fan. He's obsessed with Obi-Wan Kenobi, even claiming that he's a descendant of the fictional Jedi Master. Other than that delusion, Ibrahim's pretty down to earth, collecting figures and buying games he'll never finish.