Can McFarlane Toys finally give us The Witcher figure that we so desperately need?

The Witcher franchise has always been quite prominent among the fans. It started with the novels published by Andrzej Sapkowski and then later gained recognition through the adaptation of its first game in 2007. 

Since then, it has only grown to become a huge success. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the final game in the instalment (for now hopefully), is known to be one of the best, if not the best, RPG games of all time. Netflix’s The Witcher tv show, an adaption of the books, has also gained a high level of popularity among old and new fans alike.

Despite all of this, there still hasn’t been a proper Witcher figure from anywhere! Yes, I know it seems juvenile, but when something is successful, there will always be figures for it! 

However, The Witcher has only statue figures, by Dark Horse, to show for it. Sure, the statues look alright even with the glaring atrocity of a face sculpt, but it’s still not a figure that’s capable of articulation.

The Tease

Then out of nowhere, McFarlane toys dropped a tease on their Instagram page in July, stating that The Witcher had joined them! 

I was shocked that we were finally going to get an actual Witcher figure with articulation from McFarlane themselves! I’m honestly surprised that it took them this long to obtain the licence to produce a Witcher figure. 

The Witcher Figure First Look

After a long wait since the tease, we are finally getting the first look at the Witcher figure! The figure is modelled after Geralt of Rivia, based off the final game, and stands at 12 inches of height. 

It will include a branded “The Witcher” base, his famous silver and steel swords with sheaths. Also, it comes with some monster head trophies because why not?

The figure will cost $39.99 in USD, and that’s roughly around S$55 without shipping prices included. The pre-orders will go up on Amazon in October.

If you’re as excited as I am for this figure then be sure to pre-order it as soon as it’s up, to avoid missing out!

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