It seems like everyone is getting into the business of streaming services recently. Honestly, it can be overwhelming to keep track with it all, and Ryan Reynolds seems to agree with it.

Just last week, we were amazed by Ryan Reynolds‘ creative jab at his 2011 Green Lantern movie. Now he’s back again with another jab, and this time though, it’s targeted against the ever-growing number of streaming services from tech companies.

Mint Mobile + brought to you by Ryan Reynolds

As the owner of Mint Mobile, a wireless carrier service, he decided it was time for him to join the crowd. He did so by launching their very own premium streaming service, Mint Mobile Plus.

Although with Ryan Reynolds, nothing is ever as it seems. If you have already watched the announcement trailer or visited the website, then you would have witnessed his brilliance.

Yep, that’s right people, Ryan Reynolds built a streaming service for just one movie that’s not even in HD quality! Well, at least he stars in the movie. Foolproof is a movie from the year 2003, and the craziest part is that even I didn’t know it existed until now. 

I don’t know about you, but this newest stunt has me utterly impressed. Ryan Reynolds went all out on it, from creating an announcement trailer to an actual website that works for just one movie.

The website, in particular, is terrific.

The movie can be streamed from the site to be watched, but it’s the aesthetic element of it all that makes it incredible. The same movie is reused in the entire website, with poster designs to express the illusion of other movies. The effort and time it this took to make, is worthy of recognition.


However, nothing lasts forever, even if it’s made by Ryan Reynolds. It seems Mint Mobile Plus is already facing a countdown and will be lost to time by this weekend. So if you want to check out the website for yourself or even stream the movie, I’d suggest you do quickly!

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