Yep, that’s right you read that correctly. There now exists a ‘Ryan Reynolds Cut’ of Green Lantern…Zack Snyder’s Justice League be damned!

Our dear Ryan Reynolds has done it again! He has come up with yet another jab aimed at his old nemesis and no…it’s not Cable or Logan, but himself as the Green Lantern of the DC universe.

The Green Lantern movie was a huge disappointment to many people but none more so than the very lead actor of the movie, Ryan Reynolds himself.

Since then, Reynolds has done his best to make it his disapproval known on a global scale. He even went on to kill himself in Deadpool 2 through time travel. I know, right? It sure seems pretty drastic but can you blame the guy?

Then again, this is nothing new for Reynolds. Another infamous role of his, the ‘sewed-up off’ Deadpool has been something of an ongoing joke in the X-Men cinematic universe; and Reynolds made sure that it will never go away in this particular reunion that he crashed.

In Reynolds latest work of art, he has reduced the 2011 Green Lantern movie running time to just 27 seconds, and it’s pretty darn good!

It’s amazing how the ‘Ryan Reynolds Cut’, covers all of the important aspects of the Green Lantern movie despite not using much of the actual footage. The most intriguing part of this masterpiece is that Ryan was never apart of it; Tom Cruise is the protagonist, and he’s part of the Justice League!

Despite the jokes, Green Lantern is one hero who deserves to be redeemed and brought back to the big screen. Hopefully, HBO Max will be able to do justice to the character with their new Green Lantern TV show. It’s not unheard of for DC TV shows to be much, much better than their movie counterparts…Take a look at Arrow, Legends or even Supergirl for that.

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