Marvel’s Avengers game’s closed beta concluded last weekend for PlayStation users.

We had a blast playing it even though we faced some concerns along the way. However, we are eagerly waiting for more! You can check out the coverage of our Avengers Beta Impressions if you haven’t.

In the meantime, let’s look at the characters that we would love to see in Marvel’s Avengers as post-launch characters or in general. Currently, only two characters have officially been announced by the developers: Hawkeye and Spider-Man (unfortunately an exclusive to PlayStation).

1. Blade.

Marvel's Avengers

One of the things that seem to be consistent with Marvel’s Avengers is it’s an ever-expanding universe, which has been emphasized by the game’s story line that focuses strongly on the survival of Inhumans.

Thus first on our list is Blade the Daywalker.

What better way to introduce the supernatural aspect of Marvel’s Avengers game universe other than with its very own half-vampire anti-hero? The Daywalker’s in-game skills could focus on mostly his vampiric abilities such as regeneration and martial talents with a sword.

With the inclusion of Blade as a character, more supernatural regions and enemies can be included and expanded upon. C’mon…who doesn’t want to face off against Dracula?!

2. Agent Coulson.

Marvel's Avengers

Yes, Coulson. Let’s stop banking everything on Maria Hill for a second and look at how Coulson as a character who could rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D. up. He’s already done it a couple of time on ‘Agents of Shield’, is all I’m saying.

Just give the guy a chance, S.H.I.E.L.D. needs a different kind of impact in Marvel’s Avengers. OK, I know he’s a bad guy right now in the comics (beholden to Mephisto) but chances are good ol’ Phil will shrug off the devil’s yoke and return once more to the side of heroes…hopefully.

I still want him in the game…give him a humongous gun (ala Cable) and I’ll be happy.

3. Daisy Johnson aka Quake.

Marvel's Avengers

An obvious choice for the Marvel’s Avengers would be, Daisy Johnson. As an Inhuman herself, this allows her to fit into the Avengers game’s universe easily. Let’s not forget that this will always make the ‘Agents of Shield’ fanbase all the more excited as she’s a prominent character on the show.

Though technically an Avenger in the comics, Quake’s rarely apart of the main team. Instead, she’s always working in the shadows, affiliated with teams like the Secret Warriors or Force Works.

That’s a shame I think since Quake could be an awesome character if done right. If she’s in the game, she’d easily be in the glass cannon category; able to do huge amounts of damage but barely able to take any herself…because let’s face it; powers aside, Quake is pretty much a baseline human.

4. Daredevil.

Marvel's Avengers

Next up, Daredevil. Yes, Daredevil was an Avenger, a New Avenger as a matter of fact.

Alright, this decision may seem a little biased based on how well the Netflix Daredevil show turned out to be but bear with me on this.

Just imagine the possibility of what they could do with Daredevil as a character in the game. He could have the fighting prowess of Black Widow and the accuracy of throwing objects of Captain America. Then to top it off, unlike the rest of the characters, the players see the world the same way Daredevil does via echolocation-esque ‘Radar’ sense!

Too much?

5. Wolverine.

Marvel's Avengers

Lastly on the list is our very angry mutant, Wolverine.

Given his popularity in the Marvel universe, it shouldn’t surprise anyone; plus it would be the smartest way to expand the Marvel’s Avengers game with mutants. It’s not like Logan isn’t an Avenger in the comics, he’s one of the people that Cap trusts implicitly on the team!

His character in-game would be the perfect killing machine to take down anyone and let’s not forget his all-powerful regeneration to keep him alive. Not only that, introducing Logan will open the floodgates to a ton of future storylines!

Old Man Logan? AvX? Avengers of the Wasteland? All possible! Is it just me or does an Age of Apocalypse version of the Avengers seem incredibly awesome?!

Whether this list becomes reality or not, the official release date for Square Enix’s Marvel Avengers game is on the 4th September 2020 and if you would like to preorder, please click on this link.

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