Ever had an urge for your mouse to do something more than just clicking things on your OS? More than just setting up macros for your favourite game… something cooler perhaps?

Me neither.

That’s why it’s on Kickstarter.

In this odd discovery on Kickstarter, A Hong Kong based company is making just that: A mouse with an internal fan slanted at a 45-degree angle that is meant to cool your hands while gaming or browsing; perhaps particularly useful for those with sweaty palms or being in a hot environment.

But Why?

Well actually, that’s a hard one to answer as I could only go about it sensibly; by breaking down its merits and demerits.

Now traditionally, manufacturers are unwilling to put a cooling solution into a product unless they have to; that’s why additional functionalities are limited to 3rd party add-ons or devices for people that want to pay for something like this.

Unless you are ROG, of course; then you make these add-ons yourself.

Look at phones for example, where cooling or tactile controls are best left to creative OEMs and are not part of the package of the phone.

There are also realistic factors to consider: moving parts on a product that focuses on being on the move isn’t the best idea. The fear of internally damaging the mouse via breaking one of the fins of the fan is real and something worth considering to potential buyers; not to mention the kind of abrasions, knocks and liquid spills that you can run into in your typical operating environment which could leave the fan inoperable after some time.

This also excludes the more mundane stuff such as the longevity of the fan due to bearing wear and other ergonomic considerations.


The specs on paper seems pretty good; a mouse with OMRON click-switches that is rated at 50 million clicks and a sensor that can provide a precision of up to 16,000 DPI. It’s also pretty light coming in at 68 grams which some will prefer.

Still, you’d likely need a hands-on to get a gauge on how well it works to your own preferences.

The fan itself, stated in the FAQ, is only going to be around 30Db when running at full speed; almost inaudible compared to background noise. Likewise, you can always turn the fan off if you want via a button on the mouse.

Like all excessive mice these days, it does come with a ring of RGB lighting that you can customize to your liking.


For a fairly gimmicky mouse, the price is quite steep in comparison to contemporary mice like Logitech, Razor, Steelseries and what-have-yous. At the current early bird special that you can get it for at the time of writing, this mouse will set you back a ‘cool’ $89 USD; $99 if the first 500 sets are sold out.

It’s about $20 – $25 more than what you would expect to pay for a typical mass-manufactured gaming mouse which is a premium to say the least.

You can check out their Kickstarter here.

Chia is the horse-author from the far flung year of 2153. While not grazing on grass pastures or reviewing old time-y games and technology from the early 21st century pretending to not know what comes next (as to not disturb the space-time continuum), he can be seen exchanging vast quantities of Earth currency for parts needed to fix his damaged space ship.