I know it’s weird but Rolls-Royce has made an online game to promote their new Wraith Kryptos cars. The Wraith Kryptos is so exclusive, that only 50 of them are being made.

Now since most of us can’t afford those, the game’s pretty much the closest we’ll ever get to owning (or even seeing) one of those bad boys in action.

The Rolls-Royce challenge isn’t just a game. There’s a prize for you waiting at the end if you manage to complete it. What is it? I don’t have images of an example, but it seems to be a personalized Rolls-Royce threadplate.

If you want to nab that collectible, you’re going to have to be quick. There’s only 10 of them to be given away…which means the first 10 winners of the game gets one.

That’s easier than it sounds because the game is tough. Cerebral even. In line with the Wraith Kryptos being a homage to the world of cryptology (code breaking), the game requires you to crack codes to progress.

Rolls Royce

Yeah…it’s not easy. I’m stuck on Stage Two (out of four) with no idea how to progress.

If you think you have what it takes, head on over to the Rolls-Royce website and give it a shot. You’re going to want to do it on your smartphone though, as the game’s only playable via a scanned QR code on that site.

In the meantime, I’m sitting here hoping that the Wraith Kryptos makes it into the next Forza game that was announced at the Xbox Games Showcase earlier this morning.

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