I would say that this has been a much better showcase than I have anticipated given the short presentation it turned out to be. Considering the rather lackluster Nintendo Treehouse in the previous showcase and the previous Direct before that showing a new Smash character, I think this one presentation handily blew all of those away with a myriad of reveals.

After about 4 years of silence, Atlus finally has something good to show for their mainline JRPG franchise.

Turns out, Atlus was just holding back after all and didn’t come into 2020 empty-handed (remember, Atlus’ GGExpo presentation boiled down to 30 MINUTES of Catherine on Switch which is a rather old game at this point) and showed the bombshell of both a SMT 3 remaster, the rather iconic entry to the series, and the new game that has been promised since the launch of the switch!

Now reading is all fine and dandy, but I highly suggest you to check out the official direct on their channel via the link below:

Alas, Atlus would’ve made this particular direct even sweeter if they were to at least give us a ballpark date on the English translation of Persona 5 Scramble (which I’m sure is in the works). Oh well, maybe in the next showcase.

Shin Megami Tensei(s)

Not much is known about SMT V however, other than the presumable antagonist of the fifth game sharing his cryptic insights about the crossroads within the realm of destiny. Still, the graphics look pretty good and we could expect the fidelity to be at Fire Emblem: 3 Houses level.

Still, this means that there is a release date now, next year to be exact.

With the HD remaster of SMT 3 coming within the same year timeframe wise, 2021 is looking great for new games in the horizon, not to mention the start of a brand spanking new console generation.

Other showcases

That isn’t to say that this short 10-minute presentation is void of anything but games from Atlus, we got some other cool stuff to look forward to as well!

WWE Battlegrounds

First up we have the most interesting of the bunch: Tired of the mainline WWE games sticking to realism? Want to relive the arcade, midway SNES and PlayStation days of over-the-top wrestling? WWE Battlegrounds has you covered!

Jump right into the ring and knock your opponent with a flying, flaming uppercut. Bring out the whole motorcycle(steel chair 2.0) to smack your enemies over the head with. Go ultra-instinct with your supermoves!

Frankly, this looks like such a fun game to play with friends, and it looks to be released in the very near future to boot! The game releases September 18 this year.

Cadance of Hyrule

Like Crypt of the Necrodancer but never played the Zelda tie-in? Now is the time with Cadence of Hyrule releasing October 23rd on the Switch!

That seems to be all from Nintendo for now, what games would you like to see them announce next?

Announced via Gust’s Facebook page

UPDATE: Apparently, Nintendo is still holding out games from us as there was a slew of new titles announced in the JP version of Nintendo Direct which you can see below:

How about that really stylised game remenicient of Okami? Shown during E3 last year, Sakuna: of rice and ruin is a pretty awesome looking game chalk full of that traditional Japanese art style. Well, the Japanese version is due out November 12th so we should see the localized version in fairly short order; considering that there was already an English trailer last year (shown below):

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