When Sal reviewed the SONOS Beam, he said that it was one of the best single soundbars that he’d ever heard. That’s last year. This year, SONOS has a new soundbar called the SONOS Arc and it looks to be everything the Beam was and more!

SONOS is aiming for the new Arc to replace the Playbar and Playbase in its lineup so do take note if you’re considering the other hardware.

The SONOS Arc comes with support for Dolby Atmos, giving you a complete aural experience that’s unrivaled by any soundbar in its range. Whether it’s the audio through your TV, music or even podcasts, the SONOS Arc is set to deliver superb sound.

With 11 drivers (including 2 that are upfiring), the SONOS Arc is able to deliver great audio via stereo, Dolby Audio 5.1 or Dolby Atmos. Like SONOS’ other products, the soundbar also comes with built-in integration for the SONOS app and an update for the company’s Trueplay tech.

Sonos Arc

The soundbar will come in matte black or white with a cool seamless exterior that will sit right at home with your other hardware. It supports HDMI eARC or ARC input, so you don’t need to even bother with other superfluous cables.

What’s cooler is that the machine is built on top of SONOS’ S2 platform, allowing it to have compatibility with a wide range of control methods. From your TV remote, to voice assistants like Google or Alexa, it’s all possible with the soundbar.

The SONOS Arc will be coming out in just a few days, on June 10.

It’ll have a retail price of SG$1, 499 and you can yours from SONOS’ local website when it’s available. If you want, the preorder for the soundbar is already live on the site, so you don’t even need to wait!

We’ll have a review of it as soon as we can so stay tuned!

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