The gaming notebooks keep on coming in! Just weeks after we reviewed the GIGABYTE AERO 15 OLED, we get word that Aorus will also be coming out with new notebooks; the AORUS 5 series!

Already available online, these beasts will feature the latest 10th Gen Intel cores, with modern NVIDIA GTX or RTX GPUs, an IPS 144Hz 1080p display and up to 64GB of RAM!

These bad boys also feature AORUS’ patented WINDFORCE cooling system, which chills things down inside so things run smoothly. Here’s what AORUS has to say about that.

The AORUS 5 vB and AORUS 7 vB fully upgraded
its cooling system with WINDFORCE cooling technology, pushing over 150W of effective heat dissipation performance with optimized 4 heat pipes and heatsinks system, taking care of the CPU and GPU.

AORUS 5/7 Press Release

Wait….AORUS 7?

Yup, there’s another line of gaming machines that are due real soon. However, since we don’t have the tech specs for them, this post’s just going to be covering the AORUS 5.

You can get the machines at the usual suspects but since shops are closed for the foreseeable future, you might want to nab them online instead.

In that case, you’ll what to either head on over to Hachi Tech, the GIGABYTE Lazada Official Store, or Dynacore Technologies pages to nab one of these machines for yourself.

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