It’s been a long time since I played a competitive multiplayer game. I used to play Counterstrike, Team Fortress Classic and Team Fortress 2 but that was years ago. I even missed out on the Overwatch hype…can you believe that?

I guess that’s why Sal made me review this. He’s been trying to get me to join him in Overwatch and says this is a good start.

So here I am….and here we go!

What is Bleeding Edge?

Bleeding Edge is a team based 4 v 4 multiplayer objective based brawler, think of Tekken and infuse it with elements of Team Fortress and the addition of objectives to accomplish.

Created by Ninja Theory, a developer with notable titles such as Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, DMC: Devil May Cry, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Ninja Theory had always been leaning towards Action-Adventure Genre type of games…so it’s no surprise to see them creating something like BleedingEdge.

Although it’s an objective based game play, but it often becomes like WWE WrestleMania kind of bash up whereby everyone will rush to the centre and have a go at it. Like good ol’ JR would say,”It’s a slobberknocker!”

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The game is played in a 3rd person perspective and equips you with a hover board which increases your speed around the map. That’s one of the biggest difference between Bleeding Edge and its competitors; the size of the maps are much bigger.

For beginners to this game, fret not. The developers had build in a relatively sound tutorial on controls and gameplay. It will be a breeze for you to start jamming in no time.

I mean, look at me! I’ve not played a game in this genre for years and the tutorial had me up and running as soon as it was done!

I do have to bring up one irritating facet of the game; getting into a match can take quite a while. I’m not sure what’s the problem is (perhaps it’s the lack of a player base?) but it can take a few minutes (usually enough for me to make a sandwich and come back) before I’m chucked into a match.

So either the matchmaking code needs more work, or there’s not a ton of people playing when I was, which was usually at night.

Weirdly weird.

Bleeding edge

I’m so used to games with a limited color palette (*coughGearsOfWarcough*) that it’s almost blinding to find one with a ton of colors like Bleeding Edge. I won’t go so far as to say the art style is garish (I honestly think it’s cool) but it’s certainly something of an acquired taste.

The style even extends to the characters themselves, which is an eclectic mix of oddballs and misfits.

Take for instance Nidhoggr, a rendition of a death metal punk who got himself bionic parts whose special abilities including breathing fire from his throat while jamming his guitar at poor souls.

Then there’s Buttercup, a plush sized “Bikerbabe” who due to an accident augmented her top onto a chopper. Part Human, part bike….all woman. She is now able to ride her way through life slicing through enemies with her circular saw blades affixed onto both of her hands.

You will get to choose from 12 characters spanning 3 classes namely Damage, Support and Tank. To be frank, I think Bleeding Edge needs a whole lot more characters. 12 isn’t anywhere near enough and launching with that is insane.

Every character has a basic attack, 3 special abilities and 2 super abilities (you have to choose 1) to pick from. The movelist might be fun to mess around with but the limited cast means that you’re forced to play as the same characters over and over, make matches predictable.

Bleeding edge

The poster boy of the game is a katana wielding punk called Daemon, who is the leader of a group which he calls the Bleeding Edge.

He’s one the easier characters to play, with stealth and high damage combos. I’m also quite partial to Kulev, a support “witch” who is able to curse enemies to take massive damage from all sources and also heal teammates with his special ability Sacred Ground.

What’s more his Super ability allows him to control the enemy and bring them to their demise.

There are 2 kinds of objective gameplay to win the game, Objective control and Power Collection. Objective control is basically capturing control points to score, whichever teams reached the target points first wins.

Bleeding edge

Power collection is a two stage objective gameplay type.

Objective 1 is to break the power boxes and collect the power cells which are spawned around the map. Once done, the next objective will be to bring the power cells to the designated control point to score. The team with the highest points will win the match.

Of course along the way there will be tons of mindless carnage.

It’s fun when you’re playing cohesively as a unit but when you are the one being gangbanged up, it’s actually quite frustrating after awhile. It’s the perennial problem for all team based games; getting a good group together when you’re playing with randoms.

Cause no matter how good you are, with four crazy **** chasing you and your teammates are all spread out, you’ll go pretty fast. Go to hell that is.

Bleeding Edge is ultimately a team strategy game, amid the madness of all the brawling and killing you are allowed to change character during the game to counter the flow of the opponent teams’ setup. It’s a key facet of the game but due to the dearth of playable characters, you’re always falling back to the tried and true, instead of coming out with new counters.

Awareness to the surrounding is also important as some maps actually have elements that can help or hinder a player. Moving trains and electrical outlets are some of the things that an alert player can use for murder or as a diversion to get away from his attacker. Needless to say, the opposite’s also true.

The Bottom Line.

I’d love to say that I had non-stop fun with the game. To a certain extent, that’s true. When I get paired up with competent players, the game is a joy, especially when matched with an equally good opposing faction.

The problem is that isn’t always a sure thing. Playing with randoms online is pretty much down to pure luck…and mine is almost always bad.

Bleeding Edge can be a fast tempo multiplayer game to look when you need a break from your work or mundane life.

Good thought to the maps with various hazards and a creative and mixed character line up makes it interesting for players to want to try all characters.

However, matching up for players online can take a while. The game play does get less interesting after awhile (not enough characters!). It will still require some work to it for it to be a staple go to game for most since you’re going to need to find like minded individuals that are down with Bleeding Edge’s quirks and flaws.


Flawed but there’s fun to be had.

The Good.

  • Creative characters with cool moves.
  • Easy basic learning curve for most characters.
  • Unique art style.

The Bad.

  • Easy to get ganged up which makes it frustrating.
  • Long waiting time for matching.

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