Countless states around the world are encountering the predicted climate change adversity that we have been told about before. Climate change is real and hiding your head in the sand (ala Donald Trump) won’t stop it from coming true.

If anything, you’ll just burn your butt with the increased global temperature.

Faced with overwhelming evidence from reputable scientists and organizations, there are still people who don’t believe one lick of it.

We present the following;

We have all heard of the girl who is making the world panic about climate change adversities, Greta Thunberg. But did you know that there is another girl who is raising awareness of the exact opposite message?

All over the internet, there are countless discussions on how this girl is “Anti-Greta” but she is absolutely not and she has said it herself.

We believe you? Maybe?

Let me introduce you to Naomi Seibt, a 19 year old German girl who is a professional climate change skeptic and is employed by The Heartland Institute which is an organization that vehemently denies climate change is real, smoking results in lung cancer and other wholesome family friendly causes.

She argument is that “Climate change alarmism at its very core is a despicably anti-human ideology.” Following is her speech on why panicking about climate change is the worst thing to do.

Naomi Seibt has agreed that there are visible problems due to global warming and the adversity is damaging. She also accepts that action needs to be taken but her approach is more clear in how to handle this situation.

She has requested this topic of climate change to be discussed more often now and that science will find a way because she claims that with determination, it always has.

Like this, but with SCIENCE!

Yes, I can agree with the part that we should not go into a frenzy of panic because the climate change adversity is through the roof. But….

I disapprove of how she has put down Greta Thunberg. She says in the video:

“..they all worship Greta. A young and innocent but also an utterly immature and uneducated girl that is shamelessly being taken advantage of for a perfidious agenda of Climate Hysteria.”

Naomi Seibt

This statement by Naomi Seibt about Greta Thunberg is undoubtedly offensive. Greta Thunberg is the daughter of Malena Ernman and Svante Thunberg who are book authors. And Greta herself has her own book, which is titled “No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference” that was published last year on 30 May and it comprises of 11 self written and presented speeches about the climate crisis and global warming.

So is Greta uneducated? Obviously not.

The very idea of education begins from the part when you allow yourself to learn from your society, whether the person is rich or poor, white or black, Nazi or Jew.

Naomi Seibt is employed by Heartland Institute.

I did a little research on the institute that Naomi Seibt works for and this is what I found,

On Thursday May 3, 2012, Heartland launched an advertising campaign in the Chicago area, and had put up a billboard with Ted Kaczynski on it, an actual criminal who was convicted of murder, with the slogan being, “I still believe in global warming, do you?” and then a day later, they took the billboard down. The Institute informed that they have planned for the campaign to feature murderer Charles Manson, communist leader Fidel Castro and perhaps Osama bin Laden too, asking the same question. When questioned on why are they doing this, the Institute explained that “the most prominent advocates of global warming aren’t scientists. They are murderers, tyrants, and madmen.

Being a murderer doesn’t mean you’re wrong if you believe in global warming.

The billboard reportedly “unleashed a social media-fed campaign, including a petition from the advocacy group to ‘Forecast the Facts’ calling on Heartland’s corporate backers to immediately pull their funding,” and James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-Wis.) threatened to cancel his speech at the upcoming seventh International Conference on Climate Change organised by Heartland Institute.

Yes, within 24 hours Heartland cancelled the campaign but its president refused to apologise for it and Sensenbrenner ultimately did speak at the conference despite the threat.

The advertising campaign led to the resignation of two of the Institute’s 12 board members and the resignation of almost the entire Heartland Washington D.C. office.

How did nobody see that the campaign was a bad idea?

It’s appalling that an Institute wanted to associated global warming with criminals (who are right)? Or is the message they’re promoting that believing in climate change makes you a bad person?

Either way, the leap in logic it must have taken to go that far is astounding.

This same behaviour seems to be in Naomi Seibt’s speeches.

From the Staff list of Heartland Institute

Greta’s been accused of being on the payroll of corporations and entities with their own agenda. Naomi’s definitely on the payroll of a company with it’s own agenda.

It’s incredulous that the right wing has been accusing Greta of actions that one of their own is proven to be complicit in.

Naomi Seibt may have good intent towards actual climate issue related matters. At best, she is publicly recommending an idea based on complete political change.

It’s either that or she’s a simply a shill of the Heartland Institute pulling a publicity stunt, trying to draw attention away from the rapidly rising voices clamoring for actions to be taken to halt climate change.

Did you watch the video?

She’s definitely the latter.

Seibt views climate change as propaganda.

Let that sink in for a moment. Reams of papers written about the subject by the world’s foremost experts, research done by unimpeachable authorities in their respective fields…all of them propaganda.

Saving the Earth so that future generations can exist is obviously a plan villains cooked up in a lab somewhere. I think we even have a name for these people; scientists! How want we trust them with their reliance on facts and research?!

All this is coming from the same person that says CO2 emissions aren’t harmful to the planet. Makes you wonder why she doesn’t just breathe CO2 then right?

It is suspicious that Heartland Institute is a non-profit organisation yet all their donors names are kept confidential. Why so afraid to a name to the donations?

One of the most plausible reasons I can think of? They’re names so despicable that any credibility (and I use that in the loosest term) the Heartland Institute has will be shattered if they’re revealed.

All the reading I’ve done on the foundation led me to come to a conclusion; the Heartland Institute has gotten a lot of criticism regarding the information they often present. They’re lobbyists for factions that deny every single thing that negatively impacts their bottom line.

I find it incredulous that there are deniers of climate change, even more so that there are people willing to go on the record saying so. Yet, here Naomi Seibt is.

I’m not sure why she’s doing what she’s doing. For all we know climate change deniers have kidnapped her dog/cat/parents and are making her do this.

What I do know is that Naomi Seibt, for all her bluster, is dead wrong.

Oh yeah, she should definitely apologise to Greta Thunberg.

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