If you’re wondering what AGDQ 2020 is, it’s Awesome Games Done Quick, a stream that has speedrunners (those who play and complete games as fast as possible) playing their favored game…all for charity.

Head on over to their Twitch stream early next week to watch the AGDQ 2020, which will run for a whole week.

It’s an awesome way to gain insight into old school (and even some new school) games that you’d never think of. Ever wanted to see somebody blaze through The Outer Worlds, Control or Untitled Goose Game? Those are just some of the games on the menu!

For the rest of the AGDQ 2020 games, you can head on over to here to take a look at the schedule. Just a heads up but if you’re on GMT+8, the stream starts at 1230am on Monday, Jan 6.

If you’re donating, you can even win prizes donated by sponsors! Why not start building up good karma for 2020 with AGDQ right? Head on to the event’s official site for more info!

Since we’re all waiting, why not take a look a past runs from older GDQ events? They have an awesome Youtube Channel with archives of all the runs. I’m personally watching their latest, CGDQ 10th Anniversary Celebration runs.

I’m up to Ninja Gaiden (no. 53) in right now!

So what are you waiting for? Get to watching, and next week, donating!

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