As a child of the 80s. I grew up watching the Ghostbusters on TV and in the cinemas. I even used to the have Ghostbusters film soundtrack on cassette tape with Ray Parker Jr’s Ghostbusters theme on it.

My memory of the Ghostbusters aren’t all good though…

First there was the crappy Ghostbusters cartoon…which believe or not had a freaking jalopy, an ape and more cheese you can handle.

I still shudder to this day whenever I think of this cartoon.

It was bad, even by 80s standards…and this was the decade that brought us the Smurfs animated series!

The real Ghostbusters though…they rocked hard. The movies were awesome, the Real Ghostbusters cartoon (which they smartly added ‘Real’ in front because nobody wanted to be mistaken for that other Ghostbusters cartoon) were awesome…EVERYTHING about the franchise was awesome.

I’ve even had dreams I was the fifth Ghostbuster when I was a kid!

I’m a huge fan is all I’m saying; busting makes me feel good and all that jazz.

The trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife? It doesn’t make me feel good…or even remotely near it.

There’s very little that makes this even seem like a Ghostbusters movie other than the callbacks to the original films; the suits, the equipment and the Ecto-1.

Where’s the humor? The melding of action and comedy that was so awesomely done with Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray? All MIA.

This looks like a lame ass IT/Stranger Things rip-off with all the kids in it.

Hopefully things get better as the release date approaches…because right now, I’m actually thinking the all female reboot is better than this.

Blasphemy, I know. Prove me wrong Sony.

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