Years later, I’m still playing Overwatch on a regular basia…as anybody who reads the site knows.

Bitch and moan as I might about the role queues (I still hate it!), I just can’t stop playing the damn game..

Blizzard might be in hot water politically but as a gamer, Overwatch still hits the spot. Hell, I just played on the PS4 a few hours ago.

Which was how I noticed that the new Halloween event is now live!

Like previous years, this year’s event brings new skins (the Tracer one is particularly awesome), emotes, sprays and voice lines…all for you to win in the loot boxes.

Of course, if you have the credits, you can always unlock whichever item you like piecemeal.

I’d suggest Ana’s Pharoah skin and Tracer’s Will-o-the-wisp look if you want my opinion. Those are more than worth the credits, even if you don’t play as the characters regularly.

Winning games over the next 3 weeks will also net you exclusive Junkrat, Baptiste and Sombra skins! There’s even MORE excuse to keep playing now!

The event’s running until Nov 4, though the above-mentioned skins are only available for a week each.

Might as well get cracking now!

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