SONOS is pretty well known for its incredible speakers and soundbars. I mean, take no further look than our review of the SONOS Beam to see the quality we are talking about here.

Today, at an event held at TC Acoustic’s offices, SONOS showed off what’s next from the American company; the SONOS Move.

The SONOS Move is the latest in a line of smart speakers from the company. It’s a smart speaker with voice recognition (so Alexa and Google Assistant works with it) and you can talk to it like you would any other smart device.

It has two Class-D digital amps, a downward-firing tweeter and a single mid-wooofer…all packed into that sweet,sweet matte black casing.

The SONOS Move isn’t SONOS’ smallest speaker; at 240 x 160 x 126mm it’s pretty chunky, though it weighs in at around 3KG. That means nearly everybody should have no trouble carrying it around.

Like other SONOS devices, it’s also compatible with the company’s app and Apple Airplay 2.

Awesomely, when there’s no WiFi, the SONOS Move also has Bluetooth built-in, so you can just stream with whatever compatible smart device you have on hand.

The SONOS Move is billed by the company as a durable, battery powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening. From what I heard today, it’s right on the money.

It’s a speaker that seems to sound great no matter where you have it placed. The sound is pretty damn good by itself but it truly shines when the Move is paired with a few other Move speakers for surround sound.

Up to 32 different Moves can be chained together, though I didn’t get the chance to see that in action…sadly.

What I did get to see in action was the Move’s new automatic Trueplay tech at work, which tunes the speaker automatically to complement where it’s placed.

It might not be as clearly evident as I’d like from the video, but the sound output radically changes as the speaker (which was originally placed on a coffee table) reorients itself to its new position facing a corner and changes its audio output to best project sound from its new location.

It’s certainly a great feature to have, especially if you’re one who usually moves your stuff around. You won’t need a ton of different profiles for your rooms, just plunk a SONOS Move down and it’ll do its very best to deliver great audio where it’s from. So damn awesome!

Since the speaker is also meant for outdoor use, it’s also resistant (with an IP56 rating) to falls, water, bumps, moisture, UV rays and extreme temperatures…though we wouldn’t exactly advise leaving one in an oven or freezer.

The SONOS Move has a battery life of 10 hours, which can be recharged by its included base (which also functions as a cute stand) or through a USB-C cable.

If you’re hankering to get one, it should be available islandwide from tomorrow at $729 from all major electronics outlets (such as Harvey Norman, Courts and Challenger).

Or you could always go direct to the source and order it from

We’ll have one for review soon enough so stay tuned for what we think of it once we’ve put it through its paces!

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