It’s a great day to be a fan of try before you buy, especially if Ghost Recon Wildlands was a bit too different for you.

Ubisoft’s revealed that everybody will get a taste of its upcoming open world tactical shooter in the next few days, with Breakpoint’s Open Beta that’s set to run on every platform the game’s releasing on.

From September 26 – 29, gamers on the PS4, Xbox One and PC will all get a chance to sample Breakpoint, the newest entry in the Ghost Recon franchise.

Here’s what new, straight from Ubisoft press release.

Players will be able to discover 3 Extra main story missions, allowing them to go deeper in the game’s storyline, 2 new regions (called New Argyll and Infinity) in addition to the 4 regions already unveiled during Closed Beta, and play intense competitive Elimination matches with their fellow friends in Breakpoint’s PvP mode, Ghost War. 4 PvP tailored-maps will be available for these 4vs4 showdowns: the PMC Camp, Port, Cold War Bunker and Harbor. Additionally, with 4 new daily missions, players will now be able to complete up to 12 daily Faction Missions during the Open Beta. Gathering players’ feedback following the Closed Beta, the development team of the game have been hard at work to improve players experience and implement a certain number of changes to deliver the best quality experience possible to all players

Ubisoft Press Release

It certainly sounds like it’s a damn good time, even for players who played the Closed Beta earlier this month. Sadly progress won’t carry over to the full game…but at least you’ll be able to make up your mind (if you haven’t) on whether you want to get it or not!

So get your gear ready people. It’s almost time to deploy!

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