Available for streaming on Netflix this October, Paul Rudd stars in dual lead roles of their latest series called Living With Yourself. Rudd plays Miles Elliot, a man who struggles with his life, career and marriage.

In a desperate search to be a better person, he undergoes a novel spa treatment at Top Happy Spa which promises him a better life. When Miles wakes up, he finds himself feeling happier than he was. He seems to behave differently, like a new man. Little does he know that the treatment isn’t what he thinks it is.

Here’s the official trailer for Living With Yourself:

This means, the Miles that comes home after the spa treatment isn’t the real Miles. The trailer shows the confrontation between the original Miles and his clone before the original Miles has to go into hiding while his clone continues to live his life. But the original Miles stays furious about it and it results in a kitchen brawl.

However, the trailer also shows dark imageries of a gun, blood and original Miles seemingly going crazy. This seems to suggest that the kitchen brawl may only just be the beginning as tensions continue to grow.

I’m interested to see how the series develop and how Rudd handles his first lead role in a TV series. The 50-year-old actor has come a long way from being Mike from the popular sitcom Friends and is now recognised as Marvel superhero Ant-Man with many other movies under his belt.

While I have no doubt Rudd would bring it with his acting, I’m not entirely sure if the story could carry through as a solid series. The premise seems more fitting for a movie format rather than a series where it might be a little more difficult to develop the plot episode by episode. But I’d definitely give this series a try!

What do you think?