Surprising pretty much everybody, Fox’s just released a new Alien short on its Youtube channel.

Now, if you remember, the studio published a boatload of them earlier in the year; some were damn good, a couple were great…a few were unfortunately crap.

This newest one? It’s pure Royal Jelly.

It’s called David’s Lab and is set after the events on Alien Covenant, in David’s lab (duh).

Now if you remember that film’s ending, David (disguised as Covenant’s Walter) pretty much had everybody under his thumb, free to continue his experiments as Covenant resumed its journey, its (surviving) inhabitants everybody in hypersleep.

However, his work was all left behind on the Engineer planet. One would assume that it’d be lost but it seems like Weyland Corporation managed to send somebody there an undetermined time after.

Now that alone raises a ton of questions; how did Weyland Corporation have an asset in place so fast?

Space travel in the movies isn’t as fast as those in other sci-fi films (which is why hypersleep is used) so Weyland Corp must’ve been REALLY on the ball or Covenant’s detour wasn’t as unplanned as we thought.

Not surprising considering the events of Alien.

Still, that raises another interesting question; why only send ONE lone agent? If they knew of the Xenomorph (which is possible considering the computer was able to identify the facehugger as one), wouldn’t it have made sense to send in a fully equipped and prepped capture team?

Then there’s the shadow running past the camera.

Was it a Neomorph? A Xenomorph? Where did it come from? All of the new monstrosities were accounted for (and killed) during the events of Alien Covenant.

David’s Lab raises more questions than it answers but it’s still a damn good short entry into the Alien mythos. Fingers crossed Disney’s still moving on with its plans to release more movies in the series…

Hell, I’d settle for a damn Disney + TV series too!

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