From 27 September to 31 October, enthusiasts of all things spooky and eerie can treat themselves to this year’s 9th edition of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore. It will host five different Haunted Houses with mostly Asian themes, Halloween carnival, a hardcore music festival called Death Fest Live, a live comedy show hosted by Skin & Bones and two Scare Zones.


There are two Scare Zones at Halloween Horror Nights. One is called Dead End, the realm of the Undertaker that lies between our world and the underworld. You’ll see “mourners” practise strange funeral rites here. The other is the Death Fest mosh pits where, according to the website, you’ll find an “army of devoted metalheads and savages”. Either they’re referring to street scarers hanging around the mosh pits or simply, music fans dressed as the living dead. Probably the latter lol.


Speaking of Death Fest, the live show will feature hardcore music. So expect lots of moshing, exciting pyrotechnics displays and even a “morbid metal procession” that will go around the park with specially designed floats.

The next choice of entertainment is a live comedy show hosted by Skin & Bones. Look out for special guests! And for those who love fun carnival games, you can hit the Halloween Carnival to win prizes. Just beware of creepy clowns that may be hanging around behind the stalls.

And now for the main event… the Haunted Houses! This year’s themes are Curse of the Naga, Twisted Clown University, The Chalet Hauntings, Hell Block 9 and Spirit Dolls. Most of which are clearly Asian themed. I don’t know about you but that alone up’s the scare factor for me!

Here are the official descriptions for each Haunted House!

Curse of the Naga

One moment you’re a tourist on the colourful streets of Bangkok. The next, you’re being lured into the jungles of Thailand and find yourself stumbling into a lost village that is under the spell of the Naga, a snake spirit. Beware the charms of the Serpentine Spirit or you may just be led astray and forced to bear the Curse of the Naga. Come explore this original haunted house from the directors of blockbuster Thai horror films, Shutter and 4bia. This marks the first time Universal Studios Singapore has collaborated with these regional masters of horror to deliver a truly terrifying Asian horror experience.

Twisted Clown University

Step into this abandoned carnival ground and receive a welcome to the Twisted Clown University. Here, remorseless clowns train the next generation of red nosed killers to wreak havoc on an already coulrophobic world. From being forced into death-defying acts to a lesson on manipulating bodies through puppetry, your laughs will quickly dissolve into screams of terror.

The Chalet Hauntings

Frightful rumours of a langsuir sighting. Hushed whispers of a hantu raya. Layers of police tape with no explanation. Whatever happened to the five teenagers who mysteriously disappeared from their chalet, and why does everyone seem so hell bent on covering it up? It’s time to return to where it all started, and uncover the dark secrets and vengeful ghosts that continue to haunt these cursed grounds. The truth behind The Chalet Hauntings will shock you, but will you live to tell the tale?

Hell Block 9

Dark, dirty and damp. This prison doesn’t rehabilitate, it ravages. Every night, prisoners in Hell Block 9 scream in agony and fear as merciless wardens torture them and leave them for dead, guilty or otherwise. Ravaged by death, disease and devastation, this is the very image of hell on Earth. Can you survive long enough to finish your sentence?

Spirit Dolls

Legend has it that one night, an entire village was slaughtered by an evil doll that housed a vengeful spirit, only to have their spirits trapped in the life-sized, hand-stitched dolls left behind in the village. Now a macabre tourist attraction, pick up your courage and head into the abandoned village to see the Spirit Dolls for yourself. But why are their eyes following you around? A word of advice: don’t look away.

And if you’re still ravenous for more, try the games that follow the House themes. Go for the top score and you may just win a prize! Go to All five games (one for each Haunted House) follow the same format, just that the ghost is different.

Screenshot of the Haunted House game


Tickets are available now, including Early Bird Specials, Mastercard and Maybank exclusives and “RIP Experience” packages. You can check out the website for more pricing details and to make your booking.

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