Ever wanted to know what it’s like to shoot zombies? Well, the successful real-world zombie games organiser Zedtown has now arrived on our sunny shores for Asia’s first ever zombie survival game!

Called Zedtown Asia: Battle of Singapore, the event will be the 34th installment of the immersive Survivor vs Zombie gaming experience set in the real world. Thousands of players have joined from all over Australia and America in various sold-out events. To make the experience more Zombieland-fun, the games are given backstories.

This is the official backstory for Battle of Singapore:

The latest instalment of Zedtown will see Singapore in a simulated complete State of Emergency. With Zombies having almost taken over, rumours of a Final Resort sweep across the land like the smell of durian at peak season. It is said that the powerful and privileged live in the splendour of a posh barricaded condo, free from the Zombie horde. Their enigmatic leader, Count Mah Nee, has called on remaining Survivors to battle each other and Zombies for a chance to join him in the Final Resort.

Zedtown Asia Press Release

In a press release, Andrew Garrick, Managing Director and the brains behind Zedtown, said, “Following the success of Zedtown across Australia and America, we’re delighted to bring this ever-popular zombie survival live gameplay to Singapore at one of Asia’s most iconic stadiums. Zedtown Asia: Battle for Singapore promises to be our most unique instalment yet and we can’t wait to witness all the action that our Singaporean Survivors and Zombies have to offer!”

Zedtown Asia participants can expect “a fully immersive adventure-driven experience”, according to Adam Firth, Chief Commercial Officer from Singapore Sports Hub.

“Participants will get to track their progress in real-time as game directors send missions and updates from start to finish. A lifetime gaming experience not to be missed,” he added.

On 26 October this year, you can now sign up to be part of this thrilling game at the National Stadium. There will be two sessions: day (12pm) and night (6pm). Tickets are now on sale on Sportshubtix. You can register as an Alpha Zombie ($40) or join one of the factions, Red, Gold or Blue (ticket price range: $54-$120). Each category has its own set of perks so if you’re having trouble choosing which ticket type to get, check out the whole list of entitlements to help you decide. You have to be 18 years old or above to participate.

There are limited spots for each category so hurry! And if you’re one of the first 100 ticket holders, you can present your Zedtown ticket at Zouk on event day to enjoy FREE access to Zouk’s Halloween Party (the official after-party venue for Zedtown: Asia Battle for Singapore).

Visit Zedtown Singapore for more info.