Starring Holly Earl as the titular character, Erica is a new live-action thriller video game. The game lets viewers participate by making choices in real-time that will affect the story.

This is similar to the Late Shift game and the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch film. Judging from the trailer, it looks like Erica may follow the format of a movie as well.

The story is about Erica Mason finding the shocking truth behind her father’s death. As you make your choices in the game, you will discover clues to the mystery.

What’s different in this game is that it allows you to do more than just choose how to respond to a certain situation or in a particular dialogue, it lets you interact with Erica’s world and the clues themselves.

For example, you’ll get to untie a bow and uncover the peeping hole on the door. This makes the gameplay experience more active as you won’t end up just waiting for a character to ask you a question.

To make the choices and interact with the clues, you can use your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller like in a regular game.

Alternatively, you can choose to use your phone as a controller. For that, you’ll need to download the companion app for iOS and Android (type in “Erica PS4” to search). Once it’s set up, make sure to connect your PS4 console to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone or else it won’t work.

The choices you make in the game will affect how the story goes, meaning you’ll face the consequences of your chosen actions. How you choose to interact with other characters will also influence the way they’ll treat you later.

Because of that, the game has multiple alternative endings so depending on your choices, you’ll get a particular ending that makes sense to the narrative you’ve created.

Check out the official trailer of Erica:

Erica is now available on PS4 at $13.90.