NVIDIA’s giving away a couple of hardcore gaming notebooks and all you have to do is just play Fornite and jump through some simple hoops.

Here’s the lowdown, direct from the NVIDIA:

To summarize in point form:

  • Get Fortnite (it’s free).
  • In the game menu, load Fortnite Creative mode and launch into the game.
  • Go up the stairs in front of you to a rift and hold down the use key (default: E) to change destination. 
  • Enter code: 3019-3916-6566
  • Let the map load, then enter the rift.
  • Post your gameplay or screenshot on social. Use hashtag #OutsmartOutplay, tag @NVIDIAGeForce and, to keep the fun going, tag a friend you’d like to challenge. You’ll both be entered for a chance to win an NVIDIA GeForce laptop.

Simple yeah?

Just by doing that, you get a chance to win one of a handful of gaming laptops, including the Aorus 15 (which we loved!).

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