The FX series American Horror Story will be back on air with their newest season called “1984”. It marks as the show’s 9th season, with no signs of the series slowing down.

The first teaser came out in July with the cast dressed in 80s garb:

Also giving that 80s vibe, the second teaser features a woman running through a forest as a mysterious man-looking figure patiently chases after her:

Then they released a third teaser that confirms at least one thing viewers can expect from the series:

Yup, you guessed it: American slashers.

Set in 1984, the season looks to feature what could be a serial killer who goes around murdering people at Camp Redwood. What is interesting to note is that 1984 also happens to be the year when the film, A Nightmare on Elm Street, came out. Plus it’s the 80s when the American slasher genre really took off.

Looking at the teasers so far, it looks like the show will be playing tribute to 80s slasher films. And we’re right! Show creator Ryan Murphy and the FX network themselves have already confirmed this fan theory while adding that it’s “not a reference to the dystopian George Orwell novel”. Funnily enough, the Orwell novel has some connections to Netflix’s Stranger Things. So it’s safe to say, that AHS 1984 won’t have big tech related monsters or villains. Phew, good to know!

While the show is officially set to release on 18 September this year, the main plot is yet to be fully revealed. All we know from the teasers is that there will be a killer, a girl and something to do with Camp Redwood. With a long line-up of actors, a summer camp story of some sort is possible. After all, summer camps are the popular setting for slasher films.

Emma Roberts and Gus Kenworthy play the leads in American Horror Story: 1984.
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Emma Roberts and Gus Kenworthy play the leads in American Horror Story: 1984.
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According to E Online, the show welcomes back some familiar faces as well as new ones in the main cast: Emma Roberts, Gus Kenworthy, Angelica Ross, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern, Leslie Grossman, John Carroll Lynch, Matthew Morrison, DeRon Horton and Zach Villa. Yet they’re not included in the 2nd and 3rd teasers so we still don’t know what roles they play. Except for Roberts and Kenworthy whom Murphy has announced to be the season’s two leads. Kenworthy will be playing Roberts’ character’s boyfriend.

Sad news for AHS fans, none of the more prominent AHS stars from past seasons like Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will be in this season. But who knows about future seasons (if any), they might come back then.

So after watching the teasers, what do you think of the upcoming AHS season? Are you excited or nah?

Personally, I’m not intrigued enough. It’s not at all like past AHS teasers like Coven, Roanoke and Hotel where there is play with strong, haunting imageries. For AHS 1984, though? So far, the teasers are plain and straightforward. Perhaps that’s on theme with the whole 80s slasher vibe but that’s not AHS.

I’d still keep a lookout for more teasers and the show itself, hoping to be proven wrong.