Pokemon is officially everywhere again. With Niantic’s Pokemon GO, the other mobile game Pokemon Masters that’s soon to be released and GameFreak’s Sword and Shield for Nintendo coming up, fans are over the moon!

Partnering up with the Chinese internet giant Tencent, what could be the next Pokemon game in the works? Tencent is known for its online games that started out with the QQ series. The QQ games vary from fighting and musical dancing genres to even virtual pets.

Credit to Activision (via Forbes.com)
Credit to Activision (via Forbes.com)

They later ventured into hosting MMOs like Call of Duty Online and currently partly own battle royale games like Fortnite. They also fully own the free-to-play Ring of Elysium. Today, they have stakes in numerous game companies like Activision Blizzard, Riot Games and Ubisoft.

Both companies have announced that Tencent’s Timi Studio will be leading the development of the new Pokemon game. Besides creating Call of Duty Online, Timi Studio developed an official Chinese mobile adaptation of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

So, there seems to be a good chance that the new Pokemon game would be an online RPG game of some sort. Would it be the first battle royale of its kind? Or something light-hearted like a virtual pet type? The possibilities are endless.

Pokemon is enjoying great success with their game releases so far, with the latest addition of Team Rocket in the popular Pokemon GO AR app.

This may be the best time for The Pokemon Company to work with Tencent on something new in order to gain the Chinese audience. Both have recently launched the Nintendo Switch in China. Due to the mobile aspect of the Switch, it’s an instant attraction to China who adopts a mobile-first culture.

Games like Mario, Zelda and Pokemon that are exclusive to Nintendo are also already very popular in the Chinese market. Therefore the Switch may prove to be successful there, unlike other consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.