It’s a pain in the ass to maintain a physical library of movies compared to just streaming them.

Not only do you need to re-buy them all over again every couple of years (as the resolution gets better), they’re also vulnerable to media degradation.

Who among us hasn’t had discs die on us over the years?

Plus, there’s also the damn cost to consider.

Movies aren’t exactly cheap! Especially if you’re buying the special editions or director’s cut versions which comes with nifty collectibles!

The alternative? Online streaming sites!

You probably know mainstream ones like Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Prime video, but did you know there are also others? I’ve collected a handful of my personal favourites and posted them below.

You’ll want a VPN for most of these (I’m using Nord VPN) as they’re either region locked or have different content depending on your I.P. Other than that little caveat, these sites are completely free, so enjoy!


5 Movies you should watch on the site: Zombieland, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, District 9, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Night of the Creeps.

Crackle is awesome for movies.

Sony owns them so you can be sure there’s a ton of Hollywood blockbusters on the site that you can watch. The movies might not be so recent (but they’re certainly not that old) but there’s an incredible selection of flicks you can view in pretty much every genre you can think of.

You’re going to want to turn off your ad-blocking software on Crackle though. If you have any on, you’re not going to be able to watch any movie at all, just hear the sounds.

By now, you can probably guess the only downside to Crackle that I’ve found, yeah?

There are TONS of ads.

That’s the price you pay for free content folks but even I think that they’re damn excessive AND long. Ads on Crackle can last minutes, which is a hell of a long time.

Then again, you ARE watching free entertainment.

Tubi Tv.

5 Movies you should watch on the site: Harbinger Down, Seed People, Boo, The Sand and The Ruins.

Tubi TV is probably my favourite out of all the options here. I

f it sounds familiar, I’ve mentioned it before and I’m still recommending it again for those who missed it the first time around.

If you’re a horror fan, Tubi TV is awesome!

It’s filled with tons of B-movies and even some Hollywood flicks. Don’t scoff at the B-movies though, there are a ton of gems that I’ve found because of Tubi TV that I’d have ignored otherwise.

Protip: Don’t judge a movie by its cover, especially on Tubi TV. Some of the best movies I’ve watched on the site had incredibly lame covers that belied their awesome quality.


5 movies you should watch on the site: Congo, The Eagle has Landed, Star Trek II, Night of the Living Dead and City Hunter.

Like Crackle, you’re going to have to turn off your ad-blocking software if you want to sample the streaming goodies that Popcornflix has.

Content wise, the site is like a middle ground between Crackle and Tubi TV, offering a decent selection of blockbusters and indies.

Ads are also on the site but they’re nowhere as insanely long (or frequent) as Crackle’s, which makes the somewhat limited film selection much more bearable.

There are still a ton of films to blow through, so expect to spend a few weeks on the site if you’re hoping to catch everything that’s available.


5 Movies you should watch on the site: The Corporation, Kicking It, The Town that Was, The Little Shop of Horrors and Nanking.

Snagfilms is probably the one with the weakest offerings of the sites in this post. There are no Hollywood blockbusters and the content isn’t for everybody. It’s filled with documentaries but there are also some hidden gems that’s available on the site.

It’s a bit bare for my tastes (and the offerings rather lackluster) but if you’re looking for some documentaries to pass the time, Snagfilms might have what you’re looking for.

I’m pretty disappointed that ‘When We Were Kings’ isn’t available on Snagfilms though. I’d have bet that with its focus on documentaries, that it’d be a shoo-in.

Now that you know some of the best streaming sites, don’t forget to share and bookmark them! Don’t forget, for the best results, always use a VPN and spoof your location to be from the US.

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