Fans of the G1 Transformers? Tubi TV has your back.

Ever heard of Tubi TV? Nope, us neither before this.

Unexpectedly, it’s been our go to channel for free (and legal!) streaming movies ever since we’ve heard of it.

It might not have the range of Netflix’s catalog but Tubi TV’s selection is certainly not lacking. For one, it’s the ONLY place we’ve found thus far that is legally streaming Transformers G1. If you’re a hardcore old school Transformers fan, this is the place to be.

Tubi TV’s catalog also has surprising titles in its repertoire. So far, we’ve stumbled upon Ju-On (and its sequel), Ong Bak, a couple of Schwarzenegger films (such as Raw Deal and The Running Man) and old school cult hits like Masters of the Universe (He-Man!!!) and Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs!

We’re not going to lie, your enjoyment of the movies (and series) will depend a ton on your ability to handle B and Indie films. However, if that doesn’t faze you, then you’re definitely going to LOVE the selection Tubi TV has, just like us.

Oh, a word of advice. If you want to access the US-only titles, make sure you have a VPN.

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