Today, 17th July, happens to be World Emoji Day. What better day than this for Apple to unveil new emojis? In celebration of World Emoji Day, Apple has unveiled 20 brand-new emojis – almost half of the upcoming 59 emojis that will be releasing for iOS in Fall this year.

Here’s a look at the new emojis, by category:


When you think of emojis, generally, the first thought that comes to mind might just be those of round, yellow faces with varying expressions. Here’s Apple’s newest addition to its extensive line-up – a yawning expression.

Tell all your friends they’re boring with just one emoji. / Apple


In addition, more variety will be offered for the ‘holding hands’ emoji. With various skin tones and same-sex couple options being made available, Apple product users will have about 75 options to choose from.


Apple’s big on inclusivity, and in more ways than just in terms of skin colour and regarding same-sex relations. With these new emojis, Apple has also introduced a couple of emojis relating back to disabilities – including a person in a wheelchair. Like most of Apple’s emojis featuring humans, these emojis will be customisable in terms of skin colour.

A man with a walking aid, a woman in a wheelchair, and a hearing-related emoji. / Apple

A couple of emojis of prosthetic limbs have been included as well!



In terms of food, the previews are a bit of an odd mix. So far, we have a waffle emoji, a falafel emoji, a butter emoji, and a garlic emoji – in this order, as pictured below.

If you didn’t know what a falafel was (like this writer), it’s a dish that consists of deep-fried balls (typically made out of ground chickpeas) served on hummus. Not sure why such an emoji is being made, but who’s to complain?


The range of animal emojis being added is a relatively odd mix, too, though they’re all pretty charming. There’s a flamingo, a skunk, an orangutan, and a sloth – as you can tell from the image below.


There’ll also be a new guide dog emoji, with a harness and a leash. Cute, with extra plus points for being inclusive!


Rounding off these emoji previews are a couple of extra emojis – an emoji of a one-piece swimsuit, a banjo emoji, and a yo-yo emoji.

All in all, Apple’s made some pretty interesting additions to its existing emoji lineup! We’re looking forward to the other 39 emoji designs that Apple has in store.

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