Would you like to have a phone interview with Ricochet next week?

That’s definitely one line I NEVER thought I’d be asked. I never thought I’d get a phone interview with ANY WWE Superstar (except perhaps maybe Doink or Hornswaggle), much less Ricochet!

Somehow, the Gods of all the pantheons decided that little old me (a hardcore WWE fan since the 80s) would get a chance to talk to one of the best new WWE Superstars and ask him anything I wanted.

So of course I said yes!

I spent the whole weekend thinking…should I ask him about his WWE experience? Can I ask about his time in Lucha Underground? Who he’d like to fight? His best match?

So many questions…so I decided to ask him everything. Here’s what Ricochet had to say (paraphrased for brevity), along with my comments.

On which WWE Legend he’d love to have a dream match with.

Ricochet: Eddie Guerrero.

Good Lord have mercy.

The world probably wouldn’t be able to contain the awesomeness of this matchup, if Ricochet’s matches are anything to go by.

His matches against Rey Mysterio Jr in other promotions (such as Lucha Underground) have been LEGENDARY, which means a match against the late (and great) Eddie Guerrero would’ve destroyed all reality as we know it.

What goes through his mind before doing his high flying moves.

Ricochet: Don’t think too much on it, just go with the flow. Instinct, instinct, instinct.

Image credit: WWE

Ricochet drilled it the whole time he was answering this question. He doesn’t think about what crazy acrobatics and potential career ending (not to mention deadly) moves he might be doing. He just lets rip and lets his training and instinct take over.

Just like Yoda says, Ricochet does. He feels, not thinks (or overthinks) and it’s worked wonders for him.

Best match in WWE so far.

Ricochet: Can’t just name one, too many to count, all for different reasons. Standouts were Wrestlemania 35 match and War Games NXT. Another memorable one was against Rey Mysterio Jr, just a few days after a Rey vs Eddie match 20 years earlier.

If I had a wrestling history as varied as Ricochet’s, I’d have trouble picking too.

The man has an incredibly list of matches against a tremendous list of wrestlers during his time in the independent circuit, wrestling in Japan and in his current WWE run.

It’s touching that he remembers the anniversary of the match between Eddie and Rey and I think it shows how much Eddie means to him as wrestler. Picking Eddie as a dream opponent just cements this.

Why he chose the name Ricochet.

Ricochet: Given a list of names to pick from, picked Ricochet because it sounded cool.

Image credit: WWE.

Not surprising at all. Remember Sam Raimi’s Spider-man, where Peter was asked by Bruce Campbell what he wanted to be called? Peter said ‘The Human Spider’ but Bruce changed it to ‘Spider-man’.

Luckily, Ricochet definitely fits with his high flying, balls to the walls brand of wrestling.

It definitely suits him to a T in tag and multiple men matches, when you see him careen from one opponent to another as he takes them down with his moves.

What he thinks of his WWE theme.

Ricochet: Love it. Triple H suggested some samples and he had tons of input regarding the music.

Ricochet’s theme is badass.

It reminds me of the late 80s/early 90s era when wrestler themes were mostly instrumental. So many classics from those days; Ric Flair’s theme, Mr Perfect’s, Macho Man’s, Yokozuna’s…the list goes on and on. Ricochet’s theme sounds like a superhero’s entrance, but grand and uplifting but there’s a tinge of menace behind it. So awesome.

Nice little tidbit is that he doesn’t know if it’s Triple H is the one saying ‘One and Only’ in the beginning. He says the production company’s behind it and is unsure if it’s The Game. If you ask me, it sure does sound like Triple H though.

Reforming a new stable.

Ricochet: Would love to reform the Monster Express stable and work with his former teammates again if given the chance.

Image credit: Dragon Gate

Not much to comment here since I don’t watch Japanese Pro Wrestling and this was a question asked by another interviewer, but Monster Express was a stable in Japan’s Dragon Gate promotion and consisted these wrestlers:

Chances against Samoa Joe.

Ricochet: 630 Senton can knock Joe out if it connects. Might try for the Vertigo too to win.

The 630 Senton is an incredibly dangerous move but is one of Ricochet’s tried and tested finishers. Unless you’re ready for it, nobody’s going to be getting up from being hit with that full on, not even Samoa Joe.

What’s up with his unique style?

Ricochet: Works with what he’s naturally blessed with; strength, speed, agility. Combines it into a custom style that’s a blend of others and original Ricochet.

Ricochet’s moves are high flying, acrobatic and hellishly impressive. Some of them are straight out of Lucha Libre wrestling but more than a few of them are definitely Ricochet-modified and imbued with his own particular style and sublime skill.

That’s why Ricochet’s named as one of Bleacher Report’s 10 Best Pure Wrestlers in today’s WWE. The guy is mucho talented, is what we’re saying.

Difference between indie wrestling and WWE.

Ricochet: Indie wrestling refined the skills, especially Japanese wrestling. WWE (and NXT) taught all round stuff; how to be on TV, entertaining the crowds. Learned a ton of new stuff when brought into NXT.

It’s great to hear that Ricochet’s time in the indie’s have helped him to where he is now. I’ve no idea how WWE teaches its talent (aside from glimpses of it from Tough Enough) but if Ricochet’s said its helped him, I believe it.

Even from his time on Lucha Underground, there’s a marked improvement to Ricochet’s…everything after some time in the WWE. His style’s more fined, his mic works get better…everything improved in a very short amount of time.

On his feelings before his NXT debut match.

Ricochet: Wasn’t scared or nervous but incredibly excited. Wanted to make a big impact and show everybody what he can do.

Watch the match and see for yourself. Mission accomplished, Ricochet. ’nuff said.

Being on 3 brands (NXT, RAW and Smackdown) at once.

Ricochet: Incredible cool and crazy time. Was a lot of hard work, got to take part in awesome angles including title challenges. Very cool but tiring but wouldn’t change anything.

Ricochet is one of the hardest working men in sports entertainment today. You know who else worked their asses off? Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and John Cena, among countless others. The point is if he keeps this pace up, Ricochet’s going to end up in the WWE Hall of Fame one day.

Tag team wrestling: Love it or hate it?

Ricochet: Love it!

Ricochet’s one of the rare competitors who can work well in a team or solo. It’s definitely not a natural leap to make if you’ve been in a tag team for a long time and then go solo (look at the Hardys) or vice versa but Ricochet has transitioned from his early tag team days with Aleister Black to be a force to be reckoned with solo.

From what he says, he won’t mind more team ups in the future either! Perhaps WWE will pair Rey Mysterio Jr and Ricochet up one day. That’s a tag team championship worthy team right there!

On masks.

Ricochet: Prefers not to. Wore mask as Prince Puma (Lucha Underground) because was asked to. Wore mask earlier in career but prefers unmasked wrestling. Don’t consider him a luchadore (despite wrestling as one in Lucha Underground).

This came up as a personal question of mine. I was curious whether Ricochet preferred to wrestle with or without a mask since he’s done both in his career.

My thoughts.

Ricochet seems like a really likable dude during the interview.

He was friendly, didn’t put on airs and answered all the questions the interviewers asked honestly and openly. I’d love to get a chance to interview him again and follow up with some of the answers he’s given here (like what type of match would be his dream match against Eddie).

If you want to catch Ricochet, he’ll be in town (with a ton of other WWE Superstars) for WWE LIVE Singapore on June 27.

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