Day 2 of Nintendo’s Treehouse Live at E3 brings us even more details about the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses. While it’ll be released on the Nintendo Switch next month, on July 26th, here’s all the new information that was revealed in the meantime!

Teaching Your Units

Unlike in previous games, where the player is usually thrown into a kingdom from a get-go, this game has a different premise.

While kingdoms are still present in Three Houses as, well, the three houses (Black Eagle, Blue Lion and Golden Deer), we don’t jump into war and fighting just yet. Instead, the player takes on the role of a teacher, and guides the future rulers of these houses and their people.

The player with one of the House rulers, Edelgard. / Nintendo

What this means is that players will have more freedom to choose the classes that they’d like for their characters to have. As a teacher, players can tutor and lecture their students to increase specific stats, before having them take on a qualifying test for a specific class. While there will still be battles at this stage of the game, these battles will play out alongside daily classes and lectures.

Plus, being a teacher means you can interact with characters from all three Houses! Though players will eventually be made to pick a House to side with, it’s possible for players to convince a member of one House to switch factions and join another (apart from the future House rulers, of course).

‘Divine Pulse’

Along with Three Houses comes the introduction of a literal game-changing skill. As demonstrated in this quick clip, players will have the ability to undo the turns that they’ve already played – from just the previous turn, to undoing the progress of the entire level.

This comes as a result of one of the main rules in Fire Emblem. If you play in Classic mode, or “Normal” difficulty, your characters will stay dead if they die. Divine Pulse makes it a lot easier to prevent things like this from happening, and also makes it such that players won’t have to reset their console to restart the level.

Time Travel

On the topic of changing fates, it seems that Three Houses will involve time travel as part of its story. Though it’s unclear at this point whether players will be able to travel back and forth in time, a 5-year time-skip is definitely involved in the game’s main storyline. After all, the new trailer for the game shows the game’s main characters fighting a war five years later.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the new trailer that was revealed during E3’s Nintendo direct:

Fans will also be glad to know that “romancing” the characters will be possible in this game. However, the ability to date characters (or make characters date) will only come into play after the time-skip occurs.

Seeing all these new features and how gorgeous the new combat animation looks, we’re super excited for Fire Emblem: Three Houses! We can’t wait for it’s release – July couldn’t come sooner. Stay tuned for our review of the game when it’s out!

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