Since the WWE’s going to be coming to town, we decided to show the company some love and feature it on the site. What better way to do that than by recommending our very own playlist for WWE music that you can play for every mood you experience!

So without further ado…HERE WE GO!

Voices – Randy Orton.
Mood: Planning for revenge.

Randy’s theme in the WWE might not have changed as much as we’d like but it still has everything going for it. It has a catchy beat with decent lyrics but there’s also an underlying instability to it, just like the wrestler himself.

It’s also a great tune to listen to as you lay out plans to take revenge on somebody, especially with lyrics like ‘They tell me things that I will do, they show me things I’ll do to you…’

Oh yes, your revenge will be sweet, especially when it’s accompanied with Voices playing in the background.

It’s all about the money – The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase.
Mood: High rolling.

That infectious laugh, that ‘Money, money, money, money, moneeeeeeeeeey’ jingle…you know you’re in for a good time when Ted DiBiase’s theme starts playing.

Got a raise? Won money gambling? Stumbled into an inheritance? If you’ve just hit it big and want to let people know, there’s no better song to have blaring then this.

‘Everybody’s got a price…’, that’s the perfect attitude to adopt when you’re loaded and want to buy new friends. After all, when you’re the Million Dollar Man, everything can be bought.

I Am Perfection – Dolph Ziggler.
Mood: Confident.

Ziggler has TWO similar songs that both fit the bill; I am Perfection and Here to Show the World but for confidence building, I am Perfection is without a doubt…perfect.

‘So take your best shot, give it all you got…COME ON’. This perfectly sums up the song, building up the listener to a nigh invincible high.

There’s nothing that can stand in your way, let everybody body come, you’re going to take them all down!

Viva La Raza – Eddie Guerrero.
Mood: Playful Scoundrel.

Eddie Guerrero was the WWE’s Han Solo…or in his case, Han Cholo. Guerrero’s character was that of a con-man; conniving but charming, honorable but not above dirty tactics.

If you’re feeling in the mood for some questionable antics, there’s no better theme to have playing than Eddie’s.

It’s perfect to have in the background when you’re deciding how to woo away a girl from her boyfriend or when you’re planning something less than legal. Lowriders and ‘I’m Your Papi’ shirts optional but highly suggested.

No Chance in Hell – Vince McMahon.
Mood: Hopeless situations.

Whether it’s trying to hit it big by winning 4D, going into exams unprepared or even trying to get a girl/guy out of your league to go out with you, Vince McMahon’s WWE entrance theme is perfect to set the stage with.

With its constantly chants of ‘No Chance! NO CHANCE IN HELL!’ you’ll be ready to accept any rejection without any lingering effects! If in the off chance you do succeed, simply move up to Dolph Ziggler’s I am Perfection to follow up.

Need more? Don’t worry, Part 2 will be coming soon!

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