Hands down the horror film with the longest title I’ve ever heard, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark also happens to be one of my most anticipated films of the year.

Just take a peek at the trailer and you’ll probably be able to guess why.

I’ve never had the pleasure to read the books so I’m not familiar with ANY of the stories but I’m loving the creepy monster designs for the the film.

The premise sounds interesting too; a haunted book with the power to call upon spirits that torments your friends AND let you know in real time? It’s like a webcam stream for the 1800s!

In all seriousness, it sounds like a reverse version of Death Note, mixed in with some Polaroid, Ringu and Ju-On creepiness. I especially love the setup for the corpse looking for her missing toe. It gives me an ‘It Follows’ vibe for some reason, which is awesome.

On top of all that, Guillermo Del Toro has a hand in the movie, which practically guarantees that it’ll be an awesome one when it comes out August 9 (National Day!) 2019.

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