It appears that Nvidia also had their conference just a few short hours after AMD ended theirs which I was, unfortunately, unable to watch it live. However, Nvidia has posted the full segment on their YouTube channel which you can see below:

As it turns out, the ‘super’ moniker was simply just a hype video that was made to promote the conference keynote and serves no purpose other than that. With the video titled “NVIDIA at Computex 2019: Supercharged computing for gamers and creators”, Nvidia sure got us there!

Of course, I will be doing a synopsis on any big announcements made by Nvidia for those who didn’t want to wade through an hour of presentation video.


Nvidia announces more G-sync compatible monitors

Nvidia has announced that more G-sync compatible monitors will be coming your way soon from major OEM partners. Highlighted on the display slides is a new 35” Curved monitor from Acer, the Acer predator X35; an unnamed 4k 120Hz high refresh rate panel that will be available on the HP Omen 15 series of laptops and a 4k Asus ROG swift that is running on a new, mini-LED technology.

Expect more news to come as I suspect that these would be on display on the event.

Quake II with RTX enabled coming to PC

In a partnership with Id Software, Nvidia is showing off their new RTX technology and its applications of making old titles such as Quake II look much nicer with real-time lighting. Here, a comparison between RTX off and on were shown to the public and it came with the following good news for those interested:

Quake II will be available for free on Nvidia’s own website or from Steam coming June 6th.

Wolfenstein:Young Blood bundle with RTX GPUs

It was also announced in the event that there is an upcoming RTX GPU bundle with the Wolfenstein: Young Blood game in an effort to promote their RTX GPU sales.

This bundle will be available on May 28th.

Nvidia introduces Nvidia Studio for the creative industry

In an effort to diversify their reach on the PC platform, Nvidia also introduced a new End-to-End (E2E) technology stack called Nvidia Studio. This E2E stack aims to help speed up, expedite and support the workflow of creators in the industry that require large amounts of horsepower for their work on the go; namely, Nvidia aims to support both on the hardware level and the software level with regards to drivers and application compatibility.

First up, Nvidia will release “Nvidia Studio” laptops that seemingly works like a certification much like G-sync; Perhaps the better way to put it is that these laptops would be certified to be compatible with Nvidia’s new ecosystem.

On the hardware side, several key points have been noted such as a Nvidia Max-Q RTX GPU up to 16Gb of memory, a thin and light form factor and (presumably) color accurate displays for creative professionals. It is unknown if there is any specific requirement on the CPU side of things as we might see OEM manufacturers opt to go for an AMD CPU instead.

On the software side, this also includes dedicated “studio” driver updates that will have a different release cycle that is compatible with creative applications, ensuring better stability and compatibility. Perhaps we would also see higher rendering performance through the use of these drivers but we’ll see about that.

Product Demo

Nvidia spent the bulk of their presentation demoing the capabilities of the mobile RTX GPUs by inviting various people from the creative industry using common 3D applications for design, video production and visual effects including Daniel Gregoire of HALON Entertainment, the VFX studio behind “Aquaman”.

25 new laptops to launch with Nvidia Studio specifications

Nvidia also noted on the final slide that there would be 25 laptops compatible with their specifications launching soon; I’m sure they would be showing them some of them off in the event but since we’re not physically there this year, we’ll just have to keep you informed through the other sources so stay tuned!


It really seems like Nvidia didn’t have much to show this year compared to last year when Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO, was running the show. There doesn’t seem to be any talks about the latest and greatest in both the AI and cloud computing sector so I’d honestly rate this showing at a below average B- for me.

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