We revealed the new Terminator movie’s titled Dark Fate waaaaay back in March, but it’s only now that we’ve been graced by a teaser trailer for the new movie.

Take a look at it below.

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We didn’t realize how much we missed Sarah Connor (and by proxy, Linda Hamilton) until we saw her in action again in the trailer. It may have been nearly two decades since Hamilton was Sarah Connor, but it definitely looks like she hasn’t missed a beat.

Sarah Connor is bad to the bone and she somehow manages to show that all in the few seconds of screen time she gets in the new trailer.

But that’s secondary to the new Terminator.

What the hell is this?!

It looks to be a combination of the T-1000 and T-X but painted all black. We’re not sure if it’s liquid metal (sure looks like it) but it seems to have an endoskeleton under it (just like the T-X). It doesn’t seem to have the T-X’s Plasma Cannon, but then again perhaps it just didn’t choose to use it in the trailer’s scenes. We’ll see if it’s packing heat in the movie, I just know it.

What’s new is that it seems to be able to clone itself! What the hell is up with that? What’s more terrifying than being chased by a nigh indestructible killing machine? Being chased by two of them!

Other questions rolling around in our minds after seeing the trailer include:

  • Where’s John Connor?
  • Who’s the girl who claims she’s not a Terminator?
  • Why’s the other girl so important? Who can be even more important that John Connor!
  • How the hell does Skynet keep sending better and more improved Terminators?
  • How did Arnold survive Terminator 2?
  • Is he even a Terminator in this one?

Hopefully we’ll know when Terminator: Dark Fate releases later this year. November 1 to be exact.

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