As you might have already heard, Adobe is shooting itself in the foot by threatening to sue all its users who are using older versions of the software in its Creative Suite.

Well, that’s their loss. In the meantime, here’s 5 free Adobe Creative Suite alternatives for the creatives out there! While it’s no comprehensive list, in that not all the apps under Adobe’s Creative Suite are covered, we took the liberty of finding free alternatives for some of the more popular apps.

1. Pixlr

If you use Photoshop to manipulate and edit photos, a free alternative you can consider would be Pixlr!

Photo Credit: Pixlr

Pixlr is pretty much designed for non-professionals to use, which makes it easy to pick up even if you’ve never used Photoshop before. It’s also available on multiple platforms: phones (available on both iOS and Android), tablets, and on PC.

2. Medibang Paint

Alternatively, if you use Photoshop for art purposes, a pretty good alternative would be Medibang Paint.

Photo Credit: Medibang Paint

The programme itself has a couple of pre-set brushes that users can try their hand at using. What’s more, Medibang’s site has a couple of tutorials that can be used as reference – whether you’re a new artist that’s just starting out with digital art, or whether you’re just trying to get accustomed to the programme.

3. DaVinci Resolve

If you’re into vlogging or video editing, a really good alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro is DaVinci Resolve!

Photo Credit: DaVinci Resolve, Black Magic Design

It’s a professional video editing tool that’s been used in films and TV productions before! You don’t have to pay for it, though – there’s a free package of the software that can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux. The software itself specialises in colour correction and runs facial recognition tracking as well, making it a really strong contender against Premiere Pro.

4. Inkscape

One of the more popular free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator out there is Inkscape. It’s a solid vector programme, focusing on the SVG image format and allowing users to trace bitmap images.

Photo Credit: Inkscape, Wikimedia Commons

With a simpler interface than Illustrator, Inkscape makes it easy for users to quickly get accustomed to the programme. What’s more, Inkscape has a multitude of other advanced features that you can’t really find elsewhere – alpha blending, for example.

5. RawTherapee

Last but not least, here’s a free alternative to Lightroom for photo editing! RawTherapee allows its users to edit raw photo files, amongst other file formats.

Photo Credit:

Rawtherapee boasts a range of editing tools, from enhancing colours in pictures, to recovering details that might have been lost in the images, amongst other things! Available on Mac and Windows, it allows photos to be processed in batches as well, making it a really powerful alternative to Lightroom.

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