AMD loves their rebrandings and this time for the release of Navi, it seems like it is no exception. A user on the tech powerup forums have recently discovered a driver certificate that has the RX 600 series line-up moniker that AMD will be using for their upcoming GPU series. This is further confirmed by the fact that they have the same device ID as the current 550X cards from this generation one step down.

Image courtesy of Tech Powerup user Just Some Noise

Previously, we’ve seen this with many of their top-end GCN cards from years prior. It was the same case with the venerable top-end Radeon 7970 that got rebranded for the next few GPU generations as the same card with few improvements but at a lower price point; with the next generation R9 280x and R9 380 being the result.

If AMD plans to do the same, it is fair to expect more advanced compute or shading features to be missing on the hardware side of things such as Variable Rate Shading(VSR) that will be present in the mid-end Navi line-up.

As a reminder, we’re just 14 days from the start of the next Computex show and we are highly likely to see AMD’s GPU strategy at play in the event. Expect more software-side leaks like these to happen as AMD prepares it’s software architecture for the new hardware line-up.

Via Wccftech & Tech Powerup

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