It’s not common for developers, even big-name ones, to speak about cancelled projects and their involvement because of hefty NDA agreements between them and the publisher. However, in some instances of AAA development, some do speak about it years on (probably when the NDA has expired) when it’s ‘safe’ to do so. Silent Hills was one such instance.

Back in E3 2014, Sony announced a new psychological horror named “P.T” that was promoted as a demo for the then-new PS4 which was available for download on the PlayStation store. Well, that turned out to be a bamboozle on all of us as it was actually a mainline silent hill game promotional, titled Silent Hills.

That aside, since fans and convention goers had a chance to speak to the lead writer/artist of the project, Junji Ito at the Toronto Comics Art Festival, people spared no expense at questioning him about the state of Silent Hills.

Twitter user @minovskyArticle had been able to transcribe what he has to say to English:

While Junji Ito carried a disappointing message to fans of the series like me, it seems adequate that nothing of note got off ground for the project. Besides, the demo we saw, while really good and high fidelity, doesn’t really have the kind of atmosphere that matches the tone of the previous games. The horror aspect of the demo also doesn’t showcase the kind of monsters or creatures we’re used to seeing roaming around the streets of Silent Hill.

What is news to me is that Sony is indeed hyping up their AAA games before anything concrete was set in place; much like how the Final Fantasy remake only had news resurface after being announced 4 years prior.

Perhaps these AAA cancellations may occur more than we thought, never seeing the light of day given that things such as Microsoft’s Scalebound was also canned in development around the same time despite being teased at E3 as well.

Via GameInformer

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