With Mother’s Day just around the corner, some might be scrambling to find a last minute gift. Maybe you’re thinking of getting your mother a book that she might like. We have a better idea – what about instant access to 90,000 book titles in the palm of her hand, through a subscription to Storytel?

That’s not the only benefit of using Storytel, either. Here’s 5 reasons why you should get Storytel as a gift this Mother’s Day:

1. She Gets to Master Multitasking

Be it cleaning, cooking, doing taxes, or juggling other duties at home, we know your mother is practically Superwoman with how busy she can get. Using Storytel, she can easily get plugged in to listen to her audiobooks, in order to maximise her productivity.

2. The Kids Get Kept Busy

The app allows you to activate the ‘Kids Mode’ feature, which allows children to browse safely and explore children-friendly books across the app. Perfect for the modern mum who may not necessarily have the time to monitor what their children are reading, since safety is guaranteed!

3. She Gets Access to On-the-go Action

Forget worrying about due dates with a library book, or forgetting to bring out that book you’ve wanted to read! Your mother will get the chance to catch up on that exciting cliff-hanger that she might have been wanting to continue reading, even when she’s out and about.

She’ll never have to worry about fumbling through pages or carrying around a heavy book, either, since the books are all in one app.

4. She Gets to Make the Most Out of Every Moment

Using Storytel, the speed at which audiobooks are read can be tailored! Slow down the pace to 0.75x, or have a quick listen by speeding it up to 1.5x. Whichever your mother’s preference is, the app will be able to provide.

5. Bonding with Kids is Made Easier!

After an exhausting day of work, let Storytel do the bedtime storytelling for your mother. She can get comfortable in bed with the kids while the audiobook narrates, transporting them to faraway planets and fantasy worlds, before her children drift off to sleep.

Sounds like a good idea, if not for your mother, then for yourself? Here’s a look at Storytel’s subscription plans!

Better yet, get a Storytel giftcard now at this link, and let your mom try out a book that she might never have thought she would!

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