Dell has recently announced a complete refresh of their business-centric laptops, the Dell Latitude series. These laptops will now come equipped with the vPro series of Intel processors that has additional hardware security features to ensure a more protected platform for business users.

“A recent Ispos survey conducted on behalf of Dell[4] found that full-time working adults consider built-in security features to be one of the three most important factors when choosing a work PC. In fact, nearly 80% believe having security features built into their work PC helps keep their company’s data safe.”

Dell Newsroom

Dell will also include a bevy of security related software/hardware features that aims to make laptop access as secure and as possible which includes biometric sign-ins for Windows.

In addition, Dell will be offering a software suite named “Dell Technologies Unified Workspace” that is there all-in-one solution for businesses to deploy, manage and secure their existing solutions.

While the latitude laptops in each series may differ in specifications from model to model, all models will come with vPro processors and Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) solutions for both processing and networking.

Detailed specifications can be found on Dell’s website.

These laptops are already on sale right now on Dell’s website for the following prices (in USD):

  • Latitude 7×00 laptops starting at $1,299
  • Latitude 7200 2-in-1 starting at $999
  • Latitude 5×00 laptops starting at $819
  • Latitude 5×01 laptops starting at $1,179
  • Latitude 5300 2-in-1 starting at $949
  • Latitude 3×00 laptops starting at $599

Via Dell PR release

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