It seems that there is a Bloodborne board game in the works. Board game makers CMON Games have sought to kickstarter to help fund their board game based on From Software’s IP, Bloodborne.

The campaign seems to be a massive success as they reached their base funding goal of 200k in just 17 minutes from the launch of the campaign.

Below you can take a look at their initial pitch for the project:.

In the updates section of this project, you can take a gander on how the game is played to see if it is to your liking as well as other related details.

At the time of writing, there is still about 2 weeks’ worth of time before the Kickstarter campaign ends on May 15th. The board game is available for $100 USD excluding shipping (shipping will be paid after the fact) with early bird discounts already snapped up. They seem to have also run out of stretch goals for the game as their last goal was at 2.3m; Its unclear whether more goals will be added.

CMON Games does not seem to be offering any tiers other than the amount required to buy the game, however, which is what kickstarter projects would do in order to get some additional funding for those who could splurge the cash for additional features. Looks like this project didn’t need it anyway.

Via kickstarter & BloodyDisgusting

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