Hear Ye, Hear Ye! I bring grave news from the far reaches of ancient Japan. The vicious predator, the blue and white menace, ‘Thomas’ has been spotted by Japanese shinobi ‘Wolf’ during one of his Kyoto visits wearing the skin of the local Giant Enemy Serpent.

You can watch the rather horrific video of Thomas looking for his prey here:

Last spotted during attacking an imperial settlement in the land of Skyrim, it seems like Thomas is able to travel great distances eastward to the land of ancient Japan to wreak havoc amongst its citizens.

One brave prisoner was also able to capture his dramatic escape from the clutches of Thomas. Footage can be found here:

Here I will briefly share with my readers on what to do if you live in an area unlucky enough to meet him:

Thomas is coming, what should I do?

Hide yourself in a cavern or pit and try not to catch its attention. While this tactic may make you more vulnerable against his flame breath attack, do remember that a properly constructed pit/cavern is virtually indestructible as by virtue of transient properties, terrain is indestructible.

Avoid coal pits or places with large concentrations of coal

Like guiding mammals to a watering hole, the same concept can be applied here; particularly deadly if you’re not prepared for it. Expect the coal monstrosity to need a refill or two when traveling the Earth and terrorizing its citizens.

Do not try to outrun it
Because Thomas can reach a top speed of 62km/h, it is not suggested to try to outrun it.

Do not show fear

If you are ever unlucky enough to meet this beast face to face, do not show fear. Like sharks, his cold, dead, unblinking eyes are a ruse as he is practically blind. Instead, he navigates the world through the scent of fear, chaos and anarchy.

If you do not show fear, he will be unable to detect your presence even if you are very closely nearby.

If you have no concept of life and do not fear death itself, you can find instructions here on how to encounter this malicious creature in your own trip to ancient Japan.

Remember, when the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

Chia is the horse-author from the far flung year of 2153. While not grazing on grass pastures or reviewing old time-y games and technology from the early 21st century pretending to not know what comes next (as to not disturb the space-time continuum), he can be seen exchanging vast quantities of Earth currency for parts needed to fix his damaged space ship.