As sure as the sun rises, we have yet another rumor that another iteration of the Grand Theft Auto series is in the works. This little tidbit of info has been discovered by GTA forums member, Apollo Thunder on a portfolio website of a 3D artist that formally works for Rockstar India.

Below you can see the caption mentioned:

However, this has since been deleted from his resume. Granted that he was only working for Rockstar games (presumably Rockstar India) for a 5-month period, it would be common practice for game developers to hire short time contractors to fulfil certain needs that the studio may lack expertise in.

If you’ve been following the trend as I am, GTA games tend to come out in a 5/6 year cycle following the previous entries. Given that it has been about 6 years since the release of GTA 5, another entry in the series is most likely due. A cross-generation GTA 6 perhaps? Given that new consoles are coming out soon, a large title like GTA would be a great launch title to have for any of the companies.

Given that they have been approximately 6 months since the ending of production work for RDR 2, I believe the majority of the studio would be moving on to their next big project; shifting full gear into production for GTA 6. Perhaps we would see a 2020 release date to coincide with the new console release?

Via Wccftech

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