If you ever had an old school Nokia phone, chances are you’ve played Snake or a variation of it.Well, now you’ll have the chance to play it again without an old school phone or a separate app. All you need is Google Maps.

For its April Fools gag this year, Google’s making it that Snake plays on their Google Maps app.

If you’re not familiar with the game, it even teaches you how to play it.

Once you start the Google Maps app, all you’ll have to do is pull up the sidebar from the left and scroll down a bit.

Just a bit…until you see something different!

That wasn’t there last week!

It doesn’t really take a genius that you’ll need to hit the Play Snake tab once you see it. You’ll be taken to the main menu of the Snake mini-game, where you can choose a number of cities to let loose the snake on.

Sadly, Singapore’s not a playable stage.

Once you pick a stage, you’re off!

The game’s pretty much as it was on older phones, except this time you control the Snake via swipes; swipe up, down, left or right to make it turn in that direction.

Now go play it and see how long your Snake can get!


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