After a long and arduous journey of wadding through the hordes of people at the IT Show, its time yet again to see if its worth the effort to make the trip to Suntec.

Will it be slim pickings or would there be some standout deals in the mix? Lets find out.

Here is the list in no particular order:

Cheap memory, everybody should partake.

Item: Sandisk Extreme 32/64 Gb

Price: SGD$24/43

While the 32Gb variation wasn’t the super deal it was like last year’s 11.11 promo @ $18.99, $24 is still quite a good deal and the rates for its higher capacity variants are competitive to US pricing without the hassle of shipping. Overall its great for people who require the higher throughput in a microSD form factor.

If you’re looking for a cheap (but good) monitor, this is it.

Item: Dell SE2419H/ SE2719H

Price: SGD$169/ 209

In yet another double bill, the Dell SE2419H and SE2719H continues the tradition of its 2017 predecessor of bringing the slim bezel experience to the budget segment of monitors. With a pricing that is even more competitive than its pricing in USD, this deal comes highly recommended.

We’d love to show you a picture of the ASUS VivoBook S15, but it wasn’t on display at the showfloor.

Item: Asus VivoBook S15

Price: SGD$1,199

For people who are looking out for thin and light laptops in the low to mid range price segment, ASUS seems to always deliver really good price to performance ratio in this area. Equipped with a mid-range 8th Gen low power CPU, 16GB RAM and a dedicated (albeit lowest end) NVIDIA GPU, this laptop is excellent for office and productivity tasks.

2 controllers, a PS4 Pro and God of War? An excellent deal.

Item: Playstation 4 Pro Bundle

Price: $559 (varies)

For those who have missed out on last year’s 11.11 and Black Friday deals for Sony’s console, there is once again a chance for you to grab the console with a game (the seminal God of War in this case) together with a free controller for $559.

A friendly reminder to our readers that a PS4 console is required to play Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding coming late 2019.

Logitech’s G413 mechanical keyboard is a steal.

Item: Logitech G413

Price: SGD$129

The Logitech G413 offers excellent value for the price point with RGB lighting, 20-KRO (the ability handle simultaneous key presses) with a sleek design and brushed finished exterior.

While this price point is not exclusive to the IT show, it still competes well against its competitors that would usually retail at around the $150 – 200 price point making this a great bargain for those looking for RGB customization on the cheap; provided you like the subjective typing feel of Logitech’s own Romer G switches.

For those you love taking photos.

Item: Sony A7 RII

Price: SGD$2,749

At $2749, the Sony A7 RII is a good price for aspiring photographers to get into full-frame, high MP photography which normally retails for about $200 – 300 more. This is provided you do not mind the lackluster AF system compared to Sony’s latest and greatest.

Yet again, another monitor not on diplay, but in stock at the IT Show.

Item: Acer XV273K P

Price: SGD$1,175

For those that require the most feature complete monitor, this would be it. Yes its OVER 9000 $1000 for just the monitor. But when it comes to putting it by its competition from Asus, BenQ, Viewsonic, Dell and the like, not many can claim to have true 10-bit support AND high refresh rate within the 4k category all within similar pricing to its competitors. That’s value to some.

Chia is the horse-author from the far flung year of 2153. While not grazing on grass pastures or reviewing old time-y games and technology from the early 21st century pretending to not know what comes next (as to not disturb the space-time continuum), he can be seen exchanging vast quantities of Earth currency for parts needed to fix his damaged space ship.