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If you were as confused as the rest of us with regards to Anthem’s trial access, early access and it’s release date then have no fear! The confusion is over as Anthem is finally here for everyone and officially live on all platforms. Depending on which version of the game you’ve pre-ordered, there’s additional loot to be gained.

If you’ve bought the standard edition or Legion of Dawn edition, you’re entitled to a legendary weapon. The ‘Light of the Legion’ with a power base of 18 which is useful at the low-level gameplay stages. You’ll also receive the Founders banner that allows you to customize your profile’s banner in the squad menu which is accessible after entering your javelin.


As for the Legion of Dawn armour sets, each set contains a Helmet, Torso, Arms, and Legs for your Javelins. You’ll also receive the Legion of Dawn vinyl and metal customizatuon options. Take note, that these items are all cosmetic and have no impact on gameplay.

By purchasing the standard edition, you’ll receive the Ranger Javelin version of the set only. Whereas for the Legion of Dawn edition, you’ll gain access to all of the various Javelin versions of the set and in addition to that, you’ll get a legendary gear attachment called the ‘Fist of the Mountain’ assault launcher for your Ranger Javelin.

In order to receive these pre-order bonuses, you’ll have to play the first few starting missions until you get to Fort Taris. As you roam around you’ll come across an NPC called Prospero, who is located near your Javelin’s launch pad. He’ll offer you a quest called ‘Lighting a Fire’ and upon completion, you’ll gain access to the Vanity Store located beside him. After accessing the store you’ll find your pre-order bonuses in the rewards tab, rready for collection.

You can then proceed to the forge, start customizing your Javelins with your brand new cosmetic items and continue your adventure in style!

If you want to know what we thought of EA Bioware’s newest franchise, hit up our first impressions. We’ll have a review of the game as soon as we’re done delving into every single nook and cranny it has to offer.

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