When I think Dead Space, I think about abandoned spaceships, tight corridors, interesting weapons, great immersion from the UI/sound/environmental design and of course, the iconic necromorphs and markers. You know what? The Callisto Protocol probably has all of them (Sans abandoned spaceships, markers and necromorphs, we don’t really know).

In fact, it could be leaning more towards the horror-esque side of the coin if the trailer were indicative.

In the new trailer put out by the State of play Sony showcase, we can see a glimpse of what the gameplay, enemies and the environments are like and well, it’s straight out of Dead Space.

The “Suit UI”, one of genius immersive concoction, from Issacs’ space suit makes a definite return and from other screens, will some sort of stealth and melee system in the game.

Glory kill or death animation? You decide!

Besides that, the only gameplay difference I’ve gathered from the trailer compared to Dead Space, is the increase in QTE kills, perhaps similar to low-health kills a la Doom 2016.

Return to (horrifying) form?

While the creator of the original Dead Space (now also the visionary for the Callisto Protocol), Glenn Schofield, has mentioned his interest in returning to the series in the past, I’m not sure if that will be the case anymore. We now have a solid idea on the gameplay and environments from the trailer and it is clear that the DNA of Dead Space exudes from every pore. It is what you wanted, but in a new IP.

On the bright side, if the rumored Dead Space remake were to come out to some success, EA might consider reviving the franchise too; the more the merrier!

According to the trailer, we can expect the game to come out sometime in the holiday season this year, Dec 2 to be exact.

You can watch the full state of play on the official Playstation YouTube channel here:

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