Bruce Wayne might not be real but that’s hasn’t stopped his alter ego from popping up in Orchard Road to shill for the new Batman movie, The Batman.

WarnerMedia invited us down today to ‘The Batman Unmask The Truth’ pop-up experience in front of Shaw House. From now to March 13, The Batman merch (and other Batman stuff) will be on full display, to attract the attention of the masses.

Among the attractions was a life-sized statue of Robert Pattinson as Batman.

WarnerMedia had it shipped in from overseas just for the pop-up experience, which was pretty cool of them. It’s a great place to take a selfie too!

The statue’s really detailed, as you can see from the close ups. I’m just a bit disappointed the belt’s sculpted instead of a real piece of gear, like the cape.

I’m still having difficulty picturing the Toilet Twilight actor as Bruce Wayne/ Batman but I’ll reserve final judgment till after I watch the movie. From the statue, at the very least he has the chin for it.

There’s also a giant Batsignal present.

It’s damn cool looking, though non-functional. Yeah, we were sad to hear that too. Seeing it shining into the Singaporean night sky would’ve been really cool! Still, we were told by WarnerMedia reps that it was fully built in Singapore, which was pretty too cool! Not as cool as a fully functional Batsignal but cool enough.

Finally, there’s also a new chair collaboration between Secret lab, Warner Bros Consumer Products and DC.

It’s a version of their SecretLab TITAN Evo 2022, this time branded with The Batman movie design elements, including a cool (and removable) Bat emblem at the back of the chair. I guess you can even use it as a batarang if you want to!

If figures and LEGO are more your alley, there are also some on display!

A couple are from McFarlane toys (which make some REALLY cool figures), some LEGO toys and a Spin Master Batmobile + 12-inch Batman figure.

I’m personally a McFarlane toys man (I have the original Metal Dark Knights and a few other figures, including Arkham Knight Batman) so the figures are my pick of the lot.

On display were Batman, Catwoman, Riddler, the Batcycle and a 12-inch Batman Version 1 figure.

The LEGO offerings are pretty cool too, if you’re into LEGO.

There’s a LEGO replica of Batman’s cowl and a set called Batcave: The Riddler Face-Off.

Could that be a spoiler?!

If you’re into higher end collectibles, there are a couple of statues on display too.

My personal favourite’s this piece by XM Studios, called Batman Shugo Version B.

Just a look at the insane details of this bad boy close up!

Insane right? Even the teeny rivets and screws in the armor’s visible! It’s really hardcore!

Other figures there were also from XM, Batman Sanity and Batman 1972.

Batman 1972 is (as you’ve probably guessed) a statue of the Dark Knight circa 1972. It’s a rather classic look, with the black cape , grey suit and yellow belt.

For the other statue, Batman Sanity, it’s a group effort.

Design-wise, this one seems to be all over the place, with no exact comic or decade being its focus. Harley and Mr Freeze look like their Batman: The Animated Series versions, while the rest look more in-tune with their comics counterparts.

I don’t know why Man-Bat made it in though. Surely more recognizable characters like Hush, Killer Croc, Ra’s Al Ghul or even Azrael would’ve been better?

Then again, I’m nitpicking. It’s a great statue nonetheless.

Finally, there’s the Riddler Challenge.

It’s a contest that has you running up and down Orchard Road, going to Tangs Plaza, Paragon and ION Orchard, scanning QR codes on specially marked standees.

Make sure to register at the website first!

I did it with Sky, completing the whole thing in about 30 minutes in the blazing sun of Friday afternoon. I can’t emphasize how much you’ll want to be hydrated to do this.

Of course, you can also do it at night when the sun’s not a problem.

The questions you’ll get selected from a handful, so even if you’re doing the challenge with a friend (like I did), there’s no guarantee you’ll get the same one. For us, only the Paragon question was the same, the other two were different.

Don’t forget to redeem The Riddler’s Pack too! It’s limited to the first 2,000 registrants and you’ll get a pretty awesome goodie bag!

There’s a nifty tote bag, an A4 poster, stickers, a notebook as well as a keychain of Batman’s cowl.

Pretty cool free gifts, right?

Remember, if you’re interested the pop-up last until March 13 so you don’t really have a ton of time to get your ass down to Orchard.

We’ll be back next week with a review of The Batman so stick around!

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