Homegrown property search portal MOGUL.sg launches interactive 3D map of Singapore in its property search portal. The first of its kind in Singapore and the region, the 3D map offers home buyers a bird’s eye view of the surroundings of their target homes – including checking for unblocked views and the sun’s direction.

The 3D map lets prospective home buyers view the surroundings of their intended purchase. They can see what amenities are close by, check whether the property has a clear, unblocked view of the sea and even on the exact direction of the sun at various times of the day.

“We are quite literally putting Singapore onto the world map for developing one of the most advanced 3D maps in the world for a property portal.” Gerald Sim, CEO, and founder of MOGUL.sg

Like most property search portals, MOGUL.sg allows you to list properties in Singapore for “Buy, Sell and Rent”. The highlight is the interactive 3D map which allows users to have a clear view of the landscape of the property.

MOGUL.sg’s 3D map of Singapore makes use of vector graphics, making it the first of its kind in Singapore and in the region.

Vector graphics are scalable, which means data are presented in a more granular form instead of aggregated and the file-sizes are small, enabling quick loading and smooth scrolling of the 3D map for users. For reference, Maps such as Google Maps which super imposes satellite images onto a 2D map is an example of a raster, non-vector map.

But MOGUL.sg is much more, it also allow users to view commercial properties, new property launches and even international properties with countries likes of Japan, China, United States and many more. MOGUL.sg also allows users to search and list in Mandarin, we hope to see more languages options in future.

The virtual showroom as the new norm

MOGUL.sg is also working with real estate developers to place building models of new projects onto the 3D map, letting home buyers view realistic models of the construction-in-progress developments and their surroundings. This is a boon for real estate developers and prospective home buyers alike. We will now be able to monitor the developments without stepping out of our house.

During this pandemic, real estate developers must manage viewing restrictions at the show flat in accordance with safe distancing measures. If home buyers want to visit a showroom, they need to book an appointment. With the introduction of Mogul.sg 3D map, real estate developers can continue to reach out to the target local or foreign buyers while safe distancing measures are still in place and inbound, abiding by the rule of curtailed outbound travel. The 3D map incorporated a virtual walkthrough of the show flat, allowing prospective buyer to view it at the safety and comfort of their home.

At launch there are already several private and public under-construction developments on the map, including Meyer Mansion, Clavon and Midtown Bay. MOGUL.sg also added four blocks of upcoming HDB flats at Tengah Gardens.

“Revenue from property listings have been affected by the pandemic. This 3D map not only offers benefits to home buyers but also a new revenue stream for our company that makes a lot of sense especially during this period where travel is restricted and showroom capacity is limited,” added Mr. Sim.

Moving into the new norm post-pandemic, real estate agents would be adopting virtual showrooms to increase productivity via multiple virtual viewings per day. Agents will now be able to showcase multiple projects via the virtual show flat in a single seating then move towards making the final decision at the physical show flat.

With its arsenal of tools and capabilities, MOGUL.sg is gearing up to be a leader in the property search industry in Singapore and beyond!

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