Are you an armchair soccer maestro? Can you virtually dribble with the finesse of superstars like Ronaldo, Zidane or Pele? Are you able to pinpoint your virtual shots with unerring accuracy like the great Roberto Carlos or David Beckham? Then you’re going to want to put your name down for the new upcoming FIFA 22 Online Tournament.

All you need to do to join is to head on over to the official website, where you can also see the awesome prizes that are at stake. These include cash, as well as Sony Bravia TVs and the awesome PULSE 3D wireless headset that Sal reviewed just a few days ago!

Here’s the full list of prizes in case you’re wondering what you could win.

FIFA 22 Online Tournament

On top of the FIFA 22 Online Tournament proper, there’ll be other festivities as well.

One of them will be the FIFA 22 Captain Exhibition Match, which pits known FIFA SEA personalities Oohami (hailing from Malaysia) and CJM (who hails from Indonesia) against each other in a friendly (or maybe not so friendly) match to show off their skills in-game.

The two will also be picking one of their fans to play against them, which should prove to be an entertaining prospect for those who want to see if they measure up. There’ll also be prize giveaways too!

Interested in watching? Then you’ll need to tune in on Dec 21 (that’s this upcoming Tuesday) at 9PM SGT (+8 GMT) at Playstation Asia’s Youtube stream.

Don’t forget! The FIFA 22 Online Tournament signups end on December 26!

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