Today, Sony announced that they would be releasing new colors of the Playstation 5 console covers.

Ignoring the question of why this wasn’t an option during the Playstation 5 launch for the moment, ask yourself how much you’d be willing to pay for colored pieces of plastic that attach to your Playstation 5 and does…nothing.

SG$30? SG$50?

When I found out Sony was charging SG$79.90 for them, I almost fainted.

That’s almost the asking price of a regular game…for ONE pair of covers.

Holy shit!

Who the hell is in charge of determining pricing for these things? That’s so insane it’s like saying Sony’s going to be making exclusive games for the Xbox next year!

Now to be fair, the covers are priced comparable to what they’d cost elsewhere. In the US, they’ll be going for US$55, which is about SG$75…so $79.90 isn’t too bad a markup.

The psychological barrier though…I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it.

playstation 5 console covers

Make no mistake, I’ll probably get a black one for my Playstation 5 (to fit in better with all my gaming gear) but that’s a grudging purchase.

I’m damn sure it’ll be because there’s no way I’m not going chastise myself for spending that amount of money on the Playstation 5 console covers, especially since they aren’t going to make a lick of difference to how the Playstation 5 performs.

These covers better be made solidly and feel great because if not, I foresee a ton of pissed off Playstation 5 complaining all over social media in the months to come. At SG$79.90 per cover, can you really blame them if the Playstation 5 console covers are of crap quality?

Here’s hoping they’re like the Sony PULSE 3D wireless headsets; great quality merchandize. As for the covers, they’ll be launching from 21 January 2022 onwards locally.

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